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Why study Theology in Tilburg?

Religion is everywhere, always. People search for the meaning of life, whether becoming successful and happy is the ultimate goal in life. But they also have questions like if free will exists? How do we deal with technological advancement and is calculating interest for a loan as normal as it seems? Does everyone deserve a second chance?  If you are interested in these kind of questions and you like to think them through, Theology is the right kind of study for you.

The perspective of ages

Theology makes you look at reality from different angles. You reflect at modern rituals such as soccer games and benefit concerts from another point of view. You also learn to read and decipher century-old texts in Greek, Latin and Hebrew, texts that have formed the Western way of life for more than two millenia. You learn to think about religious experiences and about the ‘Big Words’ in our culture: redemption, grace, mercy, humility and God.  

Multi-perspectival curriculum

The appeal of theology is that it is a broad and multi-perspectival program, with textual, historical, philosophical and sociological approaches. You will meet a wide range of subjects, e.g. biblical exegesis, history, philosophy, systematic theology, pastoral theology, and world religions. Our faculty also attaches great importance to Judaism. A Jewish scholar will introduce you to reading the Talmud and the midrashim.

We offer you our curriculum through lectures and seminars. You will be trained in reading, writing essays and giving presentations. 

Small-scale and interactive

Theology in Tilburg is a small-scale program. As a Theology student you will be part of an international classroom with students from all over the world and from all kinds of back grounds. Especially in a study such as Theology it is very valuable to work together and learn from each other’s perspectives and at the same time share important values.

If you are going to study at Tilburg University, you are never alone. Throughout your period of study you can count on us when it comes to student support.

Attractive tuition fee  

Tilburg School of Catholic Theology has very attractive tuition fees. For the academic year 2018-2019 it will be €2060 for both EU and NON-EU students for the TST Bachelor’s Programs. 


Tilburg Catholic School of Theology is the only Catholic School in the Netherlands to offer courses that provide access to ecclesiastical offices and services and the only Catholic School that is recognized by the Holy See to award canonical degrees.

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