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Only courses that are included in the regular education program are open for contract teaching, in which the School can make restrictions. Registration for other courses than listed below (such as courses from the Language Center) is not possible. See also the entrance requirements.

Communication and Information Sciences

Course overview 2018-2019

Fall semester:

  • Business Communication
  • Introduction Communication & Digital Media
  • Introduction to Discourse and Communication
  • Introduction Data Analyses CIW
  • Argument & Debate (T&C)
  • Business Information Technology

Spring semester:

  • Communication Theory
  • Social Aspects of New Media
  • Linguistics
  • Communication and Influencing (BDM)
  • Cognitive Modelling (HAIT)
  • Information Design
  • Corporate Communication

Culture Studies and Philosophy

Course overview 2018-2019

Fall semester:

  • Language Learning and Socialization
  • Cultural History 1: The sources of Europe
  • The Multicultural Individual
  • Art and Globalization
  • Language, Culture and Globalization
  • Ethics
  • Metaphysics
  • Geschiedenis Antieke en Middeleeuwse Wijsbegeerte (in Dutch)
  • Taalfilosofie (in Dutch)
  • Philosophy of Law and Human Rights

Spring semester

  • (Our) Collective Memory (in Dutch)
  • Rhetoric in Public Debate (in Dutch)
  • Cultural History 2: Modern Europe
  • Globalization and Religious Diversity
  • Social Philosophy (in Dutch)
  • History of Philosophy, from Decartes to Nietzsche
  • Philosophical Anthropology
  • Epistemology
  • Philosophy of Mind

Economics and Management

Course overview

Excluded from contract teaching are:

  • All first year Bachelor's courses
  • All Pre-master courses
  • All Master's courses (with the exception of Economics and Finance of Aging).

Post-Master's course in Accountancy

The Practical Thesis (subject code: 370999) can be completed on a contract basis.

Catholic Theology

You can register on a contract basis for all courses listed in OSIRIS Student.

Course overview


Course overview

Excluded from contract teaching is:

  • Research Master's in Law (MPhil)

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

You can also participate in the multidisciplinary minor Studies of the Multicultural Society.

Course overview 2017-2018

  • Advanced Consumer Science
  • Consultancy, Intervention and Evaluation
  • Labor Law
  • Poverty and Policy
  • Attitudes and Advertising
  • Biological Psychology
  • Cognitive Neuropsychology
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Contemporary Sociological Theories
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Cultural Psychology for non-psychology Students
  • Development of Self-Regulation and Deregulation
  • Economics for the Social Sciences: 3 ECTS
  • Emotions: Scientific and Clinical Aspects
  • Evolutionary Psychology
  • Philosophy for Psychologists
  • Financial and Project Management
  • Experimental Psychology
  • Group Dynamics
  • Brain and Behavior
  • HR Analytics
  • Individual Assessment in Organizations
  • Introduction to Psychology and History of Psychology
  • Introduction to Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Introduction to Research
  • Introduction to Psychology and Health
  • Introduction to Social Psychology: Work and Organizational Psychology
  • Introduction to Social Psychology: Economic Psychology
  • Introduction to Psychology for the Social Sciences
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Innovation, Organization and Entrepreneurship
  • International Human Resource Management: 3 ECTS
  • Introduction to Sociology Fall
  • Introduction to Sociology Spring
  • Introduction to Organization Studies
  • Introduction to Human Resource Studies
  • Clinical Health Psychology in Medical Science
  • Leadership and Organization
  • Managing Social Capital
  • Money and Financial Behavior
  • Introduction to Research Methodology
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Causal Analysis Techniques
  • Construction and Analysis of Questionnaires
  • Correlational Research Methods 2
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • National and Regional Identities
  • Neuropsychological Assessment
  • Occupational Health Psychology
  • Education, Labor and Policy
  • Development and Developmental Problems in Adolescence
  • Development and Developmental Problems in Childhood
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Developmental Disorders
  • Organization Development
  • Organization Theory
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Organizing Strategy and Entrepreneurship
  • Personnel Psychology
  • Psychology of Personality
  • Political Philosophy and Organization Studies
  • Political Psychology
  • Politics and Society in Comparative Perspective
  • Family Relationships
  • Professional Development
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Psychology and Marketing
  • Psychopathology
  • Regional History of Brabant I: An Exploration
  • Relations and Networks of Organizations
  • Research in Human Resource Studies
  • Research in Organizations
  • Social Capital: Networks, Resources and Attitudes
  • Social Cognition
  • Social Consequences of the Internet: Cohesion, Inequality and Well-being
  • Social Policy and Social Risks
  • Social Problems
  • Social Problems in Research
  • Social Philosophy for Human Resource Studies
  • Social Philosophy for Sociology
  • Social Problems
  • Research In Social Problems
  • Social Psychology
  • Sociological Themes
  • Sociology for Psychologists
  • Sociological Research Project
  • Sociological themes
  • Strategic Decision-Making
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Strategy and Organization
  • The Psychology of Economics
  • The Social Structure of Western Societies
  • Values in Europe
  • The Philosophy of Science (for Psy students)
  • The Philosophy of Science (for Soc. Sciences students)
  • Work Group Psychology
  • Work, Well-being and Performance

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