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(de-)Registration contract teaching


You can register to take a course on a contract basis before September 1 or before January 1, provided that the requirements for participation have been met by September 1 or by January 1 respectively. However, the registration procedure takes some time, therefor we advise you to hand in the required documents 3 weeks before the deadline.
Please check the entrance requirements before registration!

To register use the form contract teaching. Once you have completed and signed the form, please send it along with the required documentation to:

Tilburg University
Att. Contract teaching, Room A 308
P.O. Box 90153, 5000 LE Tilburg


  • Participants of the theology-minor-program constitute an exception to this procedure. They have to contact the School to start the enrollment procedure.
  • Participants of the University Entrance Exam (colloquim doctum) of Tilburg Law School, require a permission from Tilburg Law School before registering via the use of the contract teaching form.
For registration as of 1 September, the registration form must be submitted at least 29 September!
For registraion as of 1 Januari, the registration form must be submitted at least 31 January!

Process of registration and facilities

  1. After the university received the required documentation an e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address. This e-mail contains information about your student number and your university account. As from that moment you have access to the university computer network. However, your registration is not completed yet.
    In case of questions about access to the computer network please contact the LIS Service Desk.

  2. Second you will receive by e-mail an invoice for the course fees, including information on how to transfer the amount. For more information see Fees and methods of payment.

  3. Only after the university received all required documents and the course fees as well, your registration will be finalized and Tilburg University sends you an Enrollment Certificate by e-mail. This procedure takes some time.

  4. If you are registered at Tilburg University you are entitled to a university card. You can request your card online. For information check the website

  5. For education-related information please check the Study Guide or contact the Student Desk.


According to the 'Contract teaching regulations' you can terminate or change your contract up to 2 weeks after the start of the contract. The start of the contract is always on September 1 or 1 January (eventually in retrospective). For further information see below the Contract teaching regulations: Regeling aanschuifonderwijs (only available in Dutch).

Contract teaching Regulations

Contract teaching regulations are only available in Dutch. See Regeling Aanschuifonderwijs