Exchange programs

Tilburg University welcomes hundreds of international exchange students each year. These students come to Tilburg within the framework of ERASMUS agreements and bilateral agreements with universities all over the world.

Courses for Exchange students

Please find here all the courses that are available for exchange students. Exchange students can choose courses from all schools of Tilburg University, as long as you meet the specific requirements of a course. To avoid the disappointment of not being able to take your indicated courses, we advise you to critically assess each course and only select courses that match your specific academic background.

Please keep the following in mind when selecting courses:
  • A normal (full-time) course load is 30 ECTS per semester.
  • Tilburg University requires students to take at least 24 ECTS per semesters.
  • Exchange students are allowed to take a maximum of 36 ECTS per semester.
  • Exchange students are only allowed to take a maximum of 12 ECTS of the Language Center.
  • Some courses have limited places available.
  • Some Schools work with a unit system (two units per semester), but the majority works with a semester system (two semesters per year).

Courses overview



You can find all information about the academic calendars of our Schools. Here you will find information about holidays and exam periods. Be aware that the holidays and the end of your Exchange are dependent on the courses you will take.

Courses with additional entry requirements

Courses offered within the BSc/ BA Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) program (School of Humanities), LLB Global Law (GLB) program and MSc Victimology and Criminal Justice program (Law School) have additional entry requirements.

Due to the popularity and a small-scale character of these programs additional entry requirements and a selection apply.

Selection criteria for the LAS courses for all students

Please read this information carefully, as it will help you prepare your study plan and meet additional entry requirements before the deadline. Please make sure you have met all additional requirements before finalizing your study plan, in order to avoid disappointment for not being accepted to the courses of your choice!

We kindly ask you to pay careful attention to the Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) courses, offered within the School of Humanities. Due to the popularity and a small-scale character of the program, Liberal Arts and Sciences courses have additional entry requirements. If you would like to follow one of these courses during your exchange semester at Tilburg University, make sure to upload an essay (1-2 A4) and a short motivation letter (1 A4) to your online application.

In your motivation letter you need to explain why you want to take the LAS course(s). An essay needs to address a societal problem or issue (be it social, political, legal, moral, or artistic) you found particularly compelling this year. This is an opportunity for you to display your ability to critically analyze a topic and effectively argue your viewpoint - illustrating your points with supportive evidence. One Motivation letter and one essay are sufficient even if you apply for several LAS courses. All documents must be in English.

Admission to the courses is based on a case-by-case basis and depends on the number of available places, good English-language command and prior knowledge (if applicable).

More information about LAS courses can be found in the Electronic Guide of this particular School.

Selection Criteria Bachelor Global Law

  • Motivation letter, the expected length is one page.
  • Grading 7 in average.
  • Please note that 100% class attendance is mandatory (including preparation and active participation during class)
  • No possibility of mixing classes from different years
  • Max. 2 Global Law courses per semester

Selection Criteria Master Victimology and Criminal Justice

A motivation letter from each bachelor student of 15-20 lines.

Instruction videos

  1. Finding courses in the ESG
  2. Finding your timetable in the ESG
  3. Logging into the Individual Student Portal
  4. Checking your courses in your Personal Study Guide
  5. Group registration in the Personal Study Guide
  6. Group registration with COMAP
  7. Checking your personal schedule
  8. Registration for Blackboard courses
  9. Registration for exams

Certificate Programs

Besides courses, students can also take courses in a so-called certificate program. A Certificate Program is a fixed program in which a student follows courses according to a specific theme. If the student passes all the courses he/she will receive the certificate at the end of his/her exchange program. Please check the Certificate Programs webpage for more information.

Distance exams for incoming exchange students

In certain cases, incoming exchange students can submit a request to take an exam abroad. If permission is granted, the exam can be taken at the student's home university. Please check the FAQ on distance exams for incoming exchange students for further information.