Exchange programs

Tilburg University welcomes hundreds of international exchange students each year. These students come to Tilburg within the framework of ERASMUS agreements and bilateral agreements with universities all over the world.

Certificate Programs School of Economics and Management


Exchange students from all partner universities of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM) are invited to participate in one of the 7 Certificate Programs offered by the School during the Fall semester.

The Certificate Programs are designed for students who would like to specialize and gain a depth of understanding in a focused area of study. A Certificate Program consists of three courses centered around the same theme, plus one or two additional electives in any field possible. Courses are interactive, creative, demanding, stimulating and challenging. The Certificate will be awarded when at least the three courses plus your choice of electives have been successfully completed. That means a total of 24-30 ECTS.

TiSEM offers Certificate Programs in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Organization & Strategy, Information Management, Economics and Entrepreneurship.

Pre-requisites for participation:

You are an exchange student, selected for participation in the exchange program at TiSEM by one of our exchange partner universities, with at least one year of foundation in the field of economics, business or management studies and a sufficient level in mathematics and statistics. Some courses require a specific background in the field of study; please refer to the online course outlines to find out more about the courses.

Accounting Certificate

Fall Semester
  1. 324038 Intermediate Financial Accounting
  2. 324223 Intermediate Management Accounting
  3. 320060 Auditing and Accounting Information Systems
  4. > one or two free electives

Finance Certificate

Fall Semester
  1. 323027 Financial Management
  2. 325014 Risk Management
  3. 323064 Financial History and Intermediation
  4. > one or two free electives

Marketing Certificate

Fall Semester
  1. 328051 Marketing @ work 
  2. 328245 Services Marketing
  3. 325222 Digital and Social Media Strategies OR 325223 Marketing Analytics for Big Data
  4. > + one free elective (can be the course you did not pick at 3)

Organization & Strategy Certificate

Fall Semester
  1. 30B210 Supply Chain Management
  2. 325048 International Comparative Management
  3. 320071 Information Systems Strategy
  4. > + one or two free electives

Information Management Certificate

Fall Semester
  1. 320071 Information System Strategy
  2. 346241 Value Chain Transformation
  3. 346242 Decision and Risk Analysis 
  4. > + one or two free electives

Entrepreneurship Certificate

Fall Semester
  1. 325092 Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
  2. 325090 Creative Entrepreneurship
  3. 325094 Introduction to Corporate Entrepreneurship
  4. > + one or two free electives

Economics Certificate

Fall Semester
  1. 30L301 History of Economic Thought
  2. 310123 Economics of the European Union
  3. 310140 Innovation and Development
  4. > + one or two free electives

Spring Semester

  1. Development Economics for ECO
  2. Public Sector Economics for ECO
  3. Philosophy of Economics and Economic Ethics
  4. > +  one of the following courses:

Econometrics and Operations Research Certificate

Spring Semester

  1. Econometrics
  2. Differentiation and Integration
  3. Theory Computer Programming for EOR
  4. > + one of the following courses:

International Business Administration Certificate

Spring Semester

  1. Decision Making in Marketing for IBA
  2. Information Management for IBA
  3. International Business Research for IBA
  4. > + one of the following courses:

    More information Are you interested in a degree program in the fields of Economics, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Organization & Strategy, Information Management, Economics and Entrepreneurship, offered by Tilburg University? Please check Master's programs to find out more about them.