Language Center

Tilburg University is an internationally oriented research and education institute. The Language Center assists students, university staff, and non-university students in improving their language proficiency.

Integration and a DUO loan

Would you like to stay in the Netherlands and are you required to integrate? Then you’re at the right place at the Language Center. You can choose from a wide range of courses. Our intensive program trains you to reach the level of the Dutch State Exam, program II  within a year. Our intensive course for the Dutch State Exam consists of three consecutive courses in one year: a course for beginners, a course for intermediate level students and a course for advanced level students. You can also take the module ‘Orientation on the Dutch Labor Market’, a mandatory part of integration for new arrivals after January 1, 2015.

DUO loan

You are eligible to request a DUO loan for our intensive courses because Tilburg University Language Center is certified with the ‘Blik op werk’ label. Virtually everyone who is required to integrate can request a loan from DUO unless their income exceeds the maximum amount. Arrivals from other EU/EEA countries, Turkey or Switzerland, who are not required to integrate are also eligible for a DUO loan. You can repay the loan in installments at a later date. Are you an asylum seeker? Or are you the parent or child of an asylum seeker? If so, you are not required to repay the loan if you receive your diploma on time. 

Step by step

  1. Request a DUO loan via the DUO website.
  2. You should receive notification from DUO about the maximum amount of your loan within a few weeks.
  3. Register for a course via the registration form and indicate on the form that payment will take place via DUO loan.
  4. Turn in the completed and signed registration form at the Student Desk, together with a copy of proof that the loan has been granted by DUO and a copy of the most recent statement that you have received from DUO. You can also send these documents to:
    Tilburg University
    Attn: Language Center, A 15
    P.O. Box 90153
    5000 LE Tilburg
  5. You will receive an invitation for an intake test and/or consultation via email.
  6. Go to the intake and take the notification that you have received from DUO to the appointment. After the intake, you will be notified which of the three courses you can take.
  7. If approved, then you will receive a confirmation of definitive placement from Tilburg University.

More information about a DUO loan can be found on the DUO website.