Language Center

Tilburg University is an internationally oriented research and education institute. The Language Center assists students, university staff, and non-university students in improving their language proficiency.

Fees and Registration

Blik op werk

Tilburg University Language Center is accredited with  the ‘Blik op Werk’ approval mark (aspirant status). This means that you can follow our intensive courses Dutch as a Second Language with the aid of a DUO-loan.


Every semester, English or Dutch for Expats courses are offered especially for Tilburg University employees. If you are an external professional, you can also participate in these language courses. It is also possible to join the language courses for students.

The intensive courses Dutch as a Second Language start three times a year. An advanced Dutch course is offered in both the fall and the spring.

Registration for a course takes place by using a digital registration form. The registration form can be found in the course descriptions. Registration is possible as of the moment the schedule of the courses concerned is available. For more information, you can contact the Student Desk.

Registering by email or by phone is not possible.

It is important to keep in mind that our courses apply academic approaches and methods. This means that, in order to register for our courses, you must be highly educated or be admissible to higher education based on your previous education. For more information, you can contact the Student Desk.

All the requirements for registration for a language course can be found here.

The Language Center retains the right to cancel a course in case of insufficient registration


The course fees depend on the duration and intensity of the course. As soon as you open the registration form of the course concerned, you will find the course fees.

Are you a Tilburg University alumnus? In that case, you can participate in the Language Center courses by paying reduced fees. You can register for the course with registration form which you can find at the course description on the website for staff.

Registration dates

In our Term and Conditions language courses and Conditions NT2 track on the website you can find the registration dates for the language courses.