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Why did our students choose Tilburg University? How do they experience life in Tilburg and what are their career aspirations? Check out the interviews below to get inside the head of a Tilburg University student or alumni.

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Our students, staff and alumni about Accountancy

Student Zhenzhen Wang from China

Zhenzhen Wang

Tilburg University is a place where you can create many unforgettable memories. What I liked most so far in the Master's program in Accountancy is the Big 4 workshop, in which I had teammates from countries all over the world. In our discussions we fully expressed ourselves and efficiently exchanged each idea. The outcome was also satisfactory, we won the Deloitte Internal Control System Design Competition!

The world-leading education profile in Tilburg University promotes me to be a professional. If you are also interested in this program, do not hesitate to contact me, I would be very glad to communicate with you!

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Student Jaap Ingenbleek from the Netherlands

Ask Jaap your questions about the Master's program in Accountancy and what it's like to study at Tilburg University.

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Student Joris van Twist

Interview student Joris van Twist

"In my opinion there is a great mixture between theory and practice within the Master’s program of Accounting. Next to all the academic insights we get from the lecturers, they tell a lot about their own practical experience since most of them have also worked for big accounting firms."

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Alumnus Patrick Olde Scholtenhuis

"The concrete benefit of my studies at Tilburg University is the excellent toolkit it provides for going in to business.  As CFO at RTL Nederland I use a lot of skills I've been taught, on a daily basis." 

Student Ilse Raijmakers

Ilse Raijmakers

"Within the Master’s program of Accountancy, I had the opportunity to choose between two tracks, namely, the CFA track and the Professional track. I chose the Professional track because my ambition is to become a certified public accountant. I think this Master’s program offers interesting courses with a perfect mixture of science and practice."

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Staff member Stephan Hollander

Image Stephan Hollander

"Our graduates have an excellent standing, nationally as well as internationally, and employers recognize that they are well equipped for the challenges of the ever-changing landscape of the accounting field. Accounting is a language, which is crucial to all aspects of a firm; hence, graduates will often check in with top executives early in their careers."

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Alumnus Elles Zwaans

Interview alumnus Elles Zwaans

"What positively surprised me about the Master’s program is that the courses are closely related to the accounting profession. Furthermore most courses are given by lecturers which work/have worked in the accounting profession. Therefore a lot of practical examples are used during the lecturers."

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Student Dennis Bouten

Tilburg University has a very good reputation, especially in the fields of economics. I believe that, except your grades, the university where you followed your education is also important for your future career. Tilburg city offers everyone a lot of opportunities; there are several bars, sport clubs, shops and student/study associations.

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Staff member Kelvin Law

"I think corporate reporting is more than numbers: it is the language of business. You have to master the language of business well so that you can manage business operations and communicate with clients and customers well."

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Alumnus Harm van Kemenade

Interview alumnus Harm van Kemenade

Currently working as Business Analyst Financial Planning & Analysis at Philips Lighting in Shanghai

“I am currently based in Shanghai, where I provide financial analysis support to the controllers and management of two globally operating business units within Philips Lighting. My financial analysis and support include activities like giving support during the month-end closing and forecast processes, as well as ad-hoc analysis to enable the management of the business units to further develop the business.”

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Staff member Leo van der Tas

Leo van der Tas

"Our program provides students with the right skills in the area of accountancy and, at the same time, insights into why it is imperative to have reliable, high-quality financial information available-both within and outside the organization. Those skills and insights are truly global and can be transferred to any country and sector."

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