Why do your Master's at Tilburg University?

Why a Master's at Tilburg University?

  • Best general university of the Netherlands in the Keuzegids Masters 2017 and 2016
  • #21 worldwide in Business and Economics - Times Higher Education
  • #18 worldwide in Economics and Business - US News Best Global Universities
  • #50 worldwide in Economics & Econometrics - QS University Rankings
  • #101-150 worldwide in Law - QS University Rankings
  • #101-125 worldwide in Social Sciences - Times Higher Education ranking.

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More reasons to choose for a Master's at Tilburg University in the Netherlands

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Finance student Ekin Demir

"Tilburg University has experienced and inspiring faculty members, who are always willing to help when you ask for it. Tilburg University also values social responsibility, and I'm very happy that I could find myself a place at the Tilburg Sustainability Center to make further research on Socially Responsible Investments, and do something meaningful for humanity and the planet."

9 reasons to choose Tilburg University

Our mission is to understand society and inspire and challenge students, which is why we offer the highest standards in teaching, scientific research and campus facilities.

  1. Complete one of the high-quality degree programs at an outstanding university. For the fifth year in a row Tilburg University is chosen by both students and professors as best specialist university in the Netherlands (Elsevier ranking 2014). We also regularly take a leading position in international rankings.

  2. Gain a network of valuable contacts, strengthened by the many opportunities for social interaction on Tilburg University's compact campus.

  3. Gain a degree from a Research University which is a good investment in your career: the total annual income of Research University graduates in the Netherlands is nearly 50% higher than that of graduates of a university of applied sciences.

  4. Learn from leading researchers and excellent teachers at Tilburg University how to tackle problems, face challenges and make the most of opportunities in the academic world. You will be able to use this knowledge and experience to help entrepreneurs, managers or public administrators raise their game.

  5. Acquire a valuable connection to the business world and other organizations with a key role to play in society, through topical projects, case studies, guest lectures and events.

  6. Become well-equipped to adopt a responsible position in society, having learned during your studies to understand today's society and to develop a sensitivity to ethical and philosophical aspects.

  7. Develop a strong, clearly identifiable professional profile for the job market with support of our Career Center, increasing your chances of finding employment.

  8. Be part of an international community: students and staff from more than 90 different countries study and work here.

  9. Enjoy our green campus with state-of-the-art study facilities, different restaurants and bars and an excellent sports center.  

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What the city of Tilburg has to offer you

  • Tilburg is the sixth largest city in the Netherlands. It has a population of over 200,000, representing many nationalities.

  • Tilburg is rightly proud of its reputation as a center of learning: A student population of over 27,000 makes Tilburg one of the Netherlands' principal educational centers.

  • The city has a great deal to offer for young and old, student and visitor alike: a thriving café and restaurant culture, sports facilities, art films, world-class pop music at pop center 013, classical music at the Tilburg Concert Hall and great contemporary art work at the De Pont Museum.

  • Combined with numerous festivals such as the famous Tilburg Fair and Carnival, the Festival Mundial, the Tilburg Ten Miles and the Tilburg Culinair, you will enjoy an exciting and challenging student life.

  • There is also much to see and do just outside the city. It is just a short train ride to cities like Amsterdam or The Hague and European capitals like Brussels, Paris and London are also within easy reach, since Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, Zaventem Brussels Airport and Eindhoven Airport are nearby.

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Why study in the Netherlands?

Higher education in the Netherlands is known for its high quality and its international study environment. With more than 2,100 international study programmes and courses, it has the largest offer of English-taught programmes in continental Europe. Dutch higher education also has reasonable tuition fees.

  • The Netherlands stands out for its great inventiveness, its problem-solving attitude and its openness to the world.

  • For decades the country's historical ties with other parts of the world have brought people of non-Dutch origin to settle in Holland, which makes the Dutch generally open-minded and tolerant towards foreigners. Today Dutch society is home to more than 190 different nationalities living in its many cities and villages.

  • Although Dutch is the national language, the majority of the population also speaks English and very often another foreign language, such as German or French.

  • There is much cultural and ethnic variety in the Netherlands. Many religions are represented, so whatever your belief is, you will find a group that shares it.

  • The climate is typical of a marine west coast: changeable but moderate, with mild winters and cool summers. Days with temperatures below 0 or above 25 C are unusual. Clouds and wind are common features. The annual rainfall is moderate but unpredictable.

  • Despite being reserved, the Dutch have a manner of speaking that may startle you by its directness. You will notice that you can say exactly what is on your mind, as the Dutch are not easily offended.

  • Dutch society is organized in a non-hierarchical way. For example, teachers tend to be very accessible and true interlocutors for their students.

  • The Dutch tend to be less competitive than many other Westerners. High value is placed on teamwork and consensus.

So many bikes!

Bicycling in the Netherlands

Did you know that, for the Dutch, the bicycle is an important means of transport? In the Netherlands, you will see bikes everywhere you go. Going by bike is a fast, easy and fun way to travel!

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