Career perspectives Business Analytics and Operations Research

Career perspective

The program Business Analytics and Operations Research is one of the programs with the best career prospects. Business Analytics and Operations Research professionals are currently in very high demand, and the demand is predicted to increase even further. Hence, your career perspectives are excellent!   

The quantitative modelling expertise that you will have gained will open up extensive career opportunities for you in the private sector, as well as in the public and non-profit sectors. Your degree prepares you for a career as Business Analytics or Operations Research specialist, in a consultancy firm, a software company, and many other companies.

You will also be in an excellent position to pursue a PhD in Operations Research or any related field,or the 2-years Professional Doctorate Program in Data Science, which is jointly offered by Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology.

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Ralph Hamers, CEO of ING-bank, about Tilburg University and the importance of econometrics in banking

Where do our graduates work?

Our alumni work within Operations Research firms like Quintiq, Ortec, and CQM;  logistics or general consultancy firms like KPMG and McKinsey;  Operations Research departments in companies like Dutch Railways, KLM, and Shell;  and firms developing logistics software like SAP, Oracle, and Incontrol. Examples of employers and job titles of our recent graduates are the following:

  •  Supply Chain Consultant at OM Partners
  •  Implementation Consultant at ORTEC
  •  Life Cycle Management Analyst at Philips Healthcare
  •  Optimization Algorithm Expert at Quintiq
  •  Quantitative Analyst at Rabobank Nederland
  •  Quantitative Researcher at Robeco
  •  Consultant at Quintiq
  •  Supply Chain Consultant at ORTEC
  •  Risk Manager at Cardano
  •  Supply Chain Specialist at Bavaria
  •  Consultant at Fabory Group

BAOR Mastermind

In the Master's program Business Analytics and Operations Research you can join BAOR Mastermind. In a series of 5-7 sessions, speakers from companies are invited to present the company and to discuss an interesting project. In this way you learn more about interesting Business Analytics and Operations Research applications. Moreover, some other sessions are devoted, e.g., to discussing the new trends in the Business Analytics and Operations Research field, or to discussing tips and tricks how to successfully apply Business Analytics and Operations Research in practice. BAOR Mastermind is the perfect opportunity to get in contact with companies and to explore the labour market, which can be very useful for your future job!

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Career Services

We offer a number of career services to help you prepare for your transition to the labor market:

  • The Career Center offers coaching, support and training courses to improve your job application and communication skills
  • Tilburg School of Economics and Management has a dedicated Career Services Officer for individual career guidance and help with finding internships
  • Several career events are organized every year in collaboration with the study associations in order to familiarize yourself with the labor market and to meet possible employers
Mentor program Tisem banner
  • You can make use of the Career Mentor Program to get in touch with alumni to learn about future career options and develop professional and networking skills
  • Tilburg University encourages entrepreneurship both through Education and Support services
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Stay in the Netherlands after graduation

After obtaining a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the Netherlands, non-European students can apply for a residence permit under the ‘Orientation Year for Graduates Seeking Employment’ scheme. This allows you to spend a period of up to twelve months in the Netherlands to find employment.

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