Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

The Master's track in Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence provides you with a deep understanding of human cognition and communication, as well as the creative and technical skills to apply this knowledge in Artificial Intelligence solutions and applications.

Become an expert in the application of Artificial Intelligence in human cognition and communication

Are you interested in applications of Artificial Intelligence in communication techniques? Are you triggered by the question of how human reasoning can be represented in computer systems? Would you like to work for a company like Google or Philips? Then our interdisciplinary Master’s track Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence is your right choice!

The CSAI program draws on breakthrough discoveries and insights in the two closely related scientific disciplines Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence. Cognitive Science is the study of human reasoning, emotions, language, perception, attention, and memory. Artificial Intelligence is the study and design of computers and software that are capable of intelligent behavior.

Elective courses Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

Why Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence in Tilburg?

Study and design at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence software and human cognition and communication

  • Gain a deep understanding of Artificial Intelligence: the study and design of computers and software that are capable of intelligent behavior - drawing inspiration and applications from cognitive science: the study of thought, learning and mental organization concerning different types of psychological processes; such as those involved in attention, decision making, language use, memory and perception.
  • Develop in a field that is growing, driven by the fast datafication of our everyday lives and by the implementation of AI based solutions in the context of online services, social media and business communication.

Experience creative learning, employ cutting-edge techniques in the area of virtual and augmented reality, and make use of data-driven methods like data mining

  • In the DAF Technology Lab you can employ virtual and augmented reality applications and gain experience in persuasive technology and sensing technology.
  • Collaborate and elaborate on ideas and knowledge with fellow students, lecturers, artists and industrial partners during Creative Coding meetings.
  • And make use of the most recent data-driven methods in digital content analysis, such as data mining, data visualization and online data collection. Experience with these techniques helps you to create an attractive professional profile for the job market.

The Master's track Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence in short

Specialization ofCommunication and Information Sciences
Language English
Start End of August and end of January
(as of August 2017)
Duration 1 year (60 ECTS) Check the program
Title Master of Science (MSc)
Best preparatory Bachelor'sBachelor's in Communication Sciences
Check the admission requirements and application procedure
After graduationIntelligent Software Developer; Web Analyst;
Social Media Analyst; Data Journalist;
Social Robot Developer; Web Data Entrepreneur;
E-Health and Healthcare Quality Analyst
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