Career Prospects

Data Science: Business and Governance graduates will not only have knowledge and expertise in the area of data analysis and data mining, but also in economic, management and legal perspectives on big data. This makes them well equipped to function as a 'linking pin' between programmers and higher management in an organization. As a linking pin you can advise on how to collect, manage, analyze and interpret data, as well as on how to maximally benefit from the data available in compliance with laws and regulations.

Growing need for Data Scientists

There is a growing need in government organizations, in companies and in academia for employees with the analytical skills needed to analyze large datasets, recognize patterns, and visualize data, and combining these skills with interdisciplinary knowledge of perspectives on Data Science.

Broad range of professions

Data Scientist is a relatively new profession, so we’re just at the beginning of identifying employment opportunities. Here are just a few:

Data Scientist
Statistical / Data Analyst
Data Protection Manager
Data Regulatory Officer
Consultant Data Concessions
Web Data Entrepreneur
Predictive Analytics Modeler, Data Scientist
Business Intelligence & Analytics Lead
Advanced Analytics Practice Manager
Manager Customer Analytics
Marketing Research Analyst
Litigation Support Analyst

e-Health Analyst

Public Records Analyst
Web Analyst
Social Media Analyst
Privacy Officer
HR analyst
Open government analyst
On-Line Data Strategist
Data journalist
Heath-care quality analyst
Neuro-data analyst
Customer profile analyst
Culture analyst

Sentiment analyst

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