Program Data Science: Business and Governance

The one-year Master's program in Communication and Information Sciences consists of 60 ECTS credits divided over:

  • 4 compulsory courses (24 ECTS)
  • 2 elective courses (12 ECTS)
  • 1 compulsory research skills module (3 ECT)
  • 1 elective research skills module (3 ECT)
  • Master's thesis + Data Science in Action (18 ECTS)

The program starts at the end of August.

You can find more information about the program structure in the online study guide.

Compulsory courses:

Elective courses (choose 2):

Depending on your interests and desired job prospects, with the elective courses you can specialize in the economic and management, legal or methodological and psychometric aspects of Data Science.

Research skills modules

During the research skills modules you are trained in the organization, cleaning and processing of digital data by using relatively simple algorithms.

Master's thesis / Data Science in Action:

Work with fellow students on 'Data Challenges' under the guidance of lecturers from four different schools (Economics and Management, Law, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Humanities).

Like in a real life situation, all relevant aspects of the Data Science case at hand need to be addressed, which often requires a technical, legal, economic, business, social and methodological viewpoint.

Tips from graduates regarding the elective courses

Gwen Wijman

“I can highly recommend the course Governance and Policy Making to students without law background, interested in how data affects public policy. The course Data Science: Sustainability, Privacy & Security was a true eye-opener in terms of how the Law can protect personal data in ways that many people (and even businesses!) do not know about.”

Mariangela Rossi

"I would recommend the statistical courses Causal Analysis in Data Science and Psychological and Sociological Measurement in Data Science because you get to practice conducting actual analyses."

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