Master's Program in Theology

Studying Theology at Tilburg School of Catholic Theology (TST) will encourage you to ask some of the most profound questions concerning God and humanity.

This Dutch-taught Master's Program in Theology consists of a major in one of two key focus areas: territorial pastoral care and categorial pastoral care. Each major has the following global outline:

1. General theoretical base

The theoretical base consists of 10 courses with a multidisciplinary theological approach: pastoral care and religious education in a late modern context; concepts of pastoral care and religious education; hermeneutics; spirituality and mystagogy, Church and office; sacraments and rites; Christian/Catholic identity; theological anthropology and social doctrine of the Church; ethics in pastoral care and religious education; rules of life.

2. Theological contexts

This part consists of the course 'Methods and models of research' plus 4 courses that are offered during the first and second years of study.

3. Choice of major

With each major comprising 5 courses:

Territorial pastoral care: systemic context of territorial pastoral care; poimenics and diaconia; rites, texts and symbols; parochial catechesis; canon law.

Categorial pastoral care: systemic context of categorial pastoral care; poimenics and diaconia; rites, texts and symbols; anthropology and psychopathology; ethics and law.

4. Placement

Depending on your choice of major, your placement will be in a parish or associated work environment (deanery, cooperating parishes), or in a form of categorial pastoral care.

5. Master's thesis

The master thesis includes results from your own research in the field of academic theology. The definition and phrasing plus the aim of the thesis are connected with a theme relating to your major or a theme resulting from 'theological contexts'.

Canonical degrees

The School has been granted permission by the Holy See to deliver canonical degrees. Students who obtained a degree at a Catholic theological institution in the Netherlands or abroad, can receive a Bachelor's, Licentiate and Doctor's degree in Sacred Theology from the Tilburg School of Theology.


The MA in Theology is taught in Dutch. Non-native Dutch speakers have to possess the diploma State Examination Dutch as a second language (NT2, Program II) or the Certificate of Dutch as a Foreign Language (Profile language proficiency higher education or Profile academic language proficiency) to apply for the program.

If you would like to follow an English-taught Master's Program of Tilburg School of Catholic Theology, please see our Master's Program Christianity and Society


You can apply for the MA Theology with a bachelor's degree in Theology (including classical languages) from the School of Catholic Theology or any other university in the Netherlands. You must have obtained your BA degree within the last ten years. A premaster's program is compulsory for HBO-Theologie students. This premaster program is also offered in Dutch.

Course duration and location

The MA Theology is taught and scheduled as a 3-year full-time program in Dutch. Part-time study is possible in consultation with the School. The MA is taught on both locations of Tilburg School of Catholic Theology: in Tilburg as well as in Utrecht. 

After graduation

After graduation you can work in the field of pastoral care, such as parishes, hospitals and the army.  Theologians are also found in politics, media, welfare and social work, and business.

Also, you can apply for a PhD position at Tilburg School of Catholic Theology. This gives you the opportunity to conduct research in the field of Catholic theology. 

More information

Please contact the School of Catholic Theology or visit our School's webpages.

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