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Why did our students choose Tilburg University? How do they experience life in Tilburg and what are their career aspirations? Check out the interviews below to get inside the head of a Tilburg University student or alumni.

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Our students, staff and alumni about Economics

Student Justice-Gerald A Obilor from Nigeria

Mail a Master's student TiSEM - Economics: Justice Obilor

"I have always been interested in Finance from a policy perspective and Tilburg University is well ranked in that area. The lively discussions in class keeps me abreast with recent economic events and equips me with the right tools to interpreting them.

I most like about the program in Economics is that I can specialize in my field of interest and there is a constant effort by students and staff to unravel and relate current economics events with class material. Furthermore, the fact that equal weight is placed on both theory and practice, gives me an all-round insight into the course and what to expect upon graduating.

I will be more than willing to help answer any of your questions regarding studying in Tilburg or living in the Netherlands."

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Student Fizzah Malik

Student portrait TiSEM Fizzah Malik

"I want to work on my dream of giving as many Pakistani children as possible to opportunity to go to school."

"I completed my Bachelor of Economics & Mathematics in Pakistan. I always had to combine my studies with work to be able to make a living. An Economics professor in Lahore pointed out the possibility to study in Tilburg. Thanks to a scholarship funded by Tilburg University alumni, I can now fully concentrate on my Economics Master with a focus on Behavioral Economics."

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Student Anne Lafarre

Interview student Anne Lafarre

"I have chosen the Competition and Regulation specialization track because I am interested in how regulators determine their policy in order to solve economic problems, such as the lack of competition in certain markets. I think it is a great advantage that, besides the mathematical techniques and economic theories, you also learn something about the legal aspects of competition and policy making, as you may need this in practice as well."

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Alumna Lina Lukoseviciute

Interview alumna Lina Lukoseviciute

Currently employed as senior consultant at PwC

“As part of my program, I took the Competitiveness of the European Economy seminar. One of the professors was a director at PwC at the time. His team was looking for students and I applied. This only confirms how important it is to have professors with a link to the business sector. It’s a win-win both for companies and students.”

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Student Maarten de Ridder

“From the first day of classes, I have enjoyed the program’s courses, professors and fellow students. If you look at the seminars offered in the MSc, you will find that there are plenty of courses to choose from. The best part is that you can select whichever courses fit your interests or ambition, or choose a track that directly focuses on your career path. I haven’t come across this kind of flexibility in the other programs I considered.

All courses are intensive and you are expected to work hard, but what you learn can readily be applied to ‘the real world’ and contributes to a deep understanding of markets, economies and countries.”

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Student Benthe Leferink

"I chose Tilburg University because of the high quality of education offered and the specific Economics program itself. Moreover, Tilburg University is very internationally oriented.

I have not decided on my future career yet, but with my degree in Economics I will have enough choice. Both commercial companies and the government offer interesting and challenging jobs in the area of (financial) economics."

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Alumnus Matej Misik

Interview alumnus Matej Misik

Currently employed as business consultant at Adastra Partnering

“I really enjoyed the openness of faculty at Tilburg University. Especially after having studied in Vienna, where the entire interaction with faculty is extremely formal, it was really nice to have such direct contact and support of professors.”

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