Competition and Regulation track

Master's specialization in Competition and Regulation

'Competition and Regulation' is one of the specialized tracks on the Master's program in Economics.

A specialized track about the tension between competition and regulation

Fair competition is essential for the functioning of markets. Consumers can make better decisions if they are well informed about prices, service conditions, and product quality. Firms will be able to exploit their competencies if they are operating at a level playing field.

At the same time, firms benefit from shielding themselves from competition of their rivals in the market. And being successful may create a monopoly position. It is this tension between competition and regulation that makes a deep analysis of markets both intellectually interesting and practically relevant for corporate strategists and policy makers.

Apply Industrial Organization and Competition Law to business strategies and regulatory policies

In the 'Competition and Regulation' track, you will learn how to apply insights from Industrial Organization and Competition Law, to business strategies and to regulatory policies. Cases deal with, for example, the lack of competition in certain markets (electricity, telecommunication services) and the response by national governments and the European Union.

This track is closely linked to the Tilburg Law and Economics research center TiLEC.

Key courses:

In these courses, you analyze causes of imperfect competition and identify rules and regulations that ensure fair competition while mitigating possible negative effects on productivity and technological change. You will also learn about the legal aspects, including discussion of the relevant legal concepts and laws.

In the Study Guide you find the exact overview of the courses and program structure.

Career perspectives

This track is advised to students who wish to work for competition authorities (e.g. the Dutch ACM), regulatory bodies, Ministry of Economic Affairs, large consultancy firms (PricewaterhouseCoopers), specialized economic consultancies on competition and regulation (Lexecon, Nera, Oxera), international organizations such as EU and OECD, and economic departments of large firms.

Recent graduates in this track are working as:

  • Director for Economic Research at the Turkish Competition Authority
  • Economist at the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM)
  • Management Consultant at Magnitude Consulting
  • Economic Adviser at Confindustria
  • Corporate Credit Risk Analyst at Essent N.V.
  • Junior Business Analyst    at Raven Consulting
  • Senior Commercial Strategy Analyst at LAN Airlines
  • Economic Analyst at Bulgarian Photovoltaic Association

Student Anne Lafarre about Msc Economics, Competition and Regulation track

Anne Lafarre

"I think it is a great advantage that, besides the mathematical techniques and economic theories, you also learn something about the legal aspects of competition and policy making, as you may need this in practice as well." Read more

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