Interview student Agne Vaitkeviciute

Agne Vaitkeviciute
  • Name: Agne Vaitkeviciute
  • Nationality:  Lithuanian
  • Master: International and European Law - European Law track
  • Year: 2013-2014

Student Agne Vaitkeviciute' answers to the following questions

What is your educational background?

I graduated from Mykolas Romeris University (Vilnius, Lithuania), where I studied EU law. 

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Why did you choose Tilburg University?

I have chosen Tilburg University firstly because of the content of the Master’s program in European Union law. I found it very useful and practical. Moreover, I had good recommendations from friends of mine who either were Erasmus students or did the same Master’s program in Tilburg. Finally, Tilburg University has a good international reputation and is famous throughout Europe for its research in social sciences, including law.

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What was the reason to choose your specific Master’s program?

I have chosen the Master’s program in European Union law because I am most interested in EU legal issues. The EU law program offered by Tilburg University is practical and focuses on the most relevant issues and trends, thus helping you to keep up-to-date.

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What is special about the program?

The program integrates different methods of teaching, teaching materials are varied, relevant and up-to-date. That really helps to study the subject in depth.

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What do you think about Tilburg University campus and facilities?

The campus of Tilburg University is the best place in the whole of Tilburg. It is very modern and welcoming, I enjoy being here. I liked Tilburg University right from the start. Everyone at the university is friendly and helpful, the atmosphere is simply great!

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What has your experience of the program and Tilburg University been so far?

The program is great in general, all professors are the best specialists in their fields. The only thing missing is the lack of interaction during some classes and the absence of discussion between professors and students. Back to top

What do you think of Tilburg as a city?

Tilburg is a small city but still very lively, it has many nice boutiques and specialized shops. It is full of students of different nationalities. That makes Tilburg really exceptional.

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What are your career aspirations?

My Master’s in European Union law studies at Tilburg have helped me greatly to define the priorities for my future career and even to find future career possibilities – I have been accepted as a trainee at the European Commission. Since I enjoy studying and spending much time at the university, I would also like to pursue my career as a researcher. In general, I see many possibilities for me after my studies in Tilburg and I am sure that my choice to come to Tilburg has significantly changed many aspects of my life.

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