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"Those challenges and experiences were not only a window on the world of business, but also the best preparation for my career."

Ekin Demir about her Master's program:

The program

The Master’s program in Finance is structured in such a way that all courses are complementary. The topics taught in every course go in line with each other, and every course shows a different aspect of those topics. I’m satisfied with the quality of education and I feel like it has prepared all students for what they will actually experience in the real world. The program has challenged me intellectually from the first day of the academic year. Those challenges and experiences were not only a window on the world of business, but also the best preparation for my career.

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Project and group assignments

As a person who worked for three years in the sector before the Master’s program I’m aware of the fact that in order to be successful, a person should be able to learn by searching for the information herself, instead of waiting for others to teach her. The group assignments and projects taught everyone to bring into practice what was learned during the classes. Group assignments also enhanced the skills needed for team work, which are also extremely important skills in the business world. We learned how to manage time and other people, and how to become a successful leader. In my opinion, those are the longstanding takeaways from the program.

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Tilburg University

As an international student I quickly adapted both to Tilburg, and to Tilburg University. The warm and friendly staff made life easier if I had any issues. The University has experienced and inspiring faculty members, who are always willing to help when you ask for it. It’s also great that Tilburg University provided me the opportunity to specialize on the subjects that I’m interested in with the wide range of courses offered and the number of electives in the program. Tilburg University also values social responsibility, and I’m very happy that I could find myself a place at the Tilburg Sustainability Center to make further research on Socially Responsible Investments, and do something meaningful for humanity and the planet.

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