MSc Global Management of Social Issues

The new Master’s program in Global Management of Social Issues combines human resource studies, organization studies, and sociology to address complex societal challenges from a cross-cultural and international comparative perspective.

MSc Global Management of Social Issues
Language of instruction English
Start end of August 2018
Duration 1 year (60 ECTS)
Tuition fee EU students € 2,060 per yeay (Academic Year 2017-2018)
Tuition fee non-EU students € 14,500 per year
Pre-Master’s program available
Accredited by NVAO (Dutch-Flemish accreditation organization)

The Master’s GMSI core theme is Sustainable Development, with a particular focus on understanding and triggering social and economic drivers and outcomes of Sustainable Development at multiple levels. The program provides you with the organizational and managerial tools to help organizations deal with global societal challenges, in a way that appreciates their interconnectedness, multidisciplinarity and multi-focality.

Program and courses

  • The Master GMSI program is composed by three tracks:
    1. Politics, Policy and Societal Development (main discipline: Sociology)
    2. Organizing for Global Social Challenges (main discipline: Organization Studies)
    3. People management for Global Social Challenges (main discipline: HRS)
  • Community-building activities throughout the program will ensure cohesion in the Master GMSI students’ cohort
  • The students will receive a Master’s degree in the discipline of the selected track!
  • Typical courses are Social Changes and Sustainable Development, Hybrid Organizations.

Career prospects

Become prepared to lead and participate in change- and innovation-oriented projects aiming to tackle salient societal challenges. You’ll be able to frame problems from multiple perspectives, disciplines and levels of analysis, to create a mutual understanding of the problem / project, and to focus on group dynamics.

  • These skills are in great demand by different companies, departments and projects in international environments and organizations. 
  • Approach complex societal challenges in an international context, such as poverty, migration, climate change, or humanitarian interventions after a natural disaster.
  • Learn how to manage projects and people within the context of global, complex, societal problems.
  • Think beyond the limits of one specialization by combining human resource studies, organization studies, and sociology.

Typical professional (international) contexts are:

  • Economic (re)development projects
  • Societal change and innovation projects
  • Infrastructural projects
  • Entrepreneurial ventures
  • Multinational organizations
  • International peace keeping projects (both military and civil)
  • International rescue and help missions

Graduates might work as:

  • project manager
  • consultant
  • policymaker/ policy consultant

…all confronted with inter-organizational or inter-governmental partnerships.

Graduates started, for example:

  • At Unicef, Philips, Oxfam Novib, Greenpeace, Doctors without Borders (Artsen zonder Grenzen), Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement (Rode Kruis).

Application and admission

Best preparatory bachelor programs:

  • Global Management of Social Issues, Sociology, Human Resource Studies, Organization Studies, and Social Sciences.

Pre-Master’s program:

  • Pre-Master’s program available if your previous program is relevant but does not meet the required entry level, for example a Bachelor's degree from a University of Applied Sciences.

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