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Why did our students choose Tilburg University? How do they experience life in Tilburg and what are their career aspirations? Check out the interviews below to get inside the head of a Tilburg University student or alumni.

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Our students, staff and alumni about Information Management

Student Ela Kurowska from Poland

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Student Carlijn Frins

“The program gave me exactly what I was looking for: a better understanding of information and the technology used to process it. Furthermore, the job opportunities after this Master’s program are excellent. Every company is looking for people with experience in both business and IT."

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Pre-Master Student Sander Rurup

“I was somewhat skeptical when applying for the pre-Master’s program of Information Management; I expected it to be too theoretical for me. Although it was definitely challenging at times, it turned out to be just the right combination of theory and practice. The most important difference with HBO would probably be that in an academic environment you are challenged to more critically reflect on topics.”

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Master Student István Zörényi

Interview student István Zörényi

“The program gave me what I expected, provided a good balance between business and technology-related content. We were required to do a good number of group assignments, which is useful because, in our professional lives, we also have to frequently collaborate with others to complete our tasks. Tilburg University has a good reputation with employers. As a result, I managed to get an internship already at the end of the first semester.”

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Alumnus David van der Loo


“My current position has two sides: I am an entrepreneur and I am an advisor mobile applications. As entrepreneur I need to generate sales and income and establish a foundation for the future. That's a broad position with many varied aspects like administration, acquisition, and networking. As advisor mobile applications I am a specialist advising organizations on applications from the perspective of company processes and marketing.”

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Professor Erik Beulen

"Given the continuous growth of the IT expenditure combined with the rise of service provisioning in low-cost countries, the need to understand global sourcing, and the ability to formulate strategic sourcing strategies is undisputed. This course is highly recommended if your ambition is in information management.”

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Student Selma Sturmans

“The program offers interesting courses. In addition, the professors have many connections with different companies, which have led to many guest lectures from inspiring people with different backgrounds working at different companies. This may all be interesting for future jobs. I value the fact that this program not only allows you to study different theories but also challenges you to be creative and handle different situations. It prepares you for your future job.”

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