Senior lecturer Timo Leino

Timo Leino

Position and field of expertise: Senior lecturer, Information Systems Science, Turku School of Economics

"I teach several courses both in bachelor and master level. I have three main areas of teaching: Management of IT, decision support and business intelligence systems, management games."

Dr. Timo Leino about the ITEM program

Why does this field of expertise interest you?

Management of IT is important for companies in order to benefit from IS's. It is not a technical matter, it should be treated as a management issue.  I find topics such as development of users, alignment of business and IT, or managing the vendor relationships very interesting. IT manager is a middleman between business managers, users and outside service providers – connecting nerds and non-nerds to constructive co-operation. How nice is that!

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What is interesting or unique about the program?

The hybrid expertise a student will get. Having knowledge on both IT and business makes it possible to run the business/IT alignment in a way nobody else is able to do.

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Which courses do you teach and what do they entail?

In master level I teach "Management of ICT Services". Some topics we discuss are the relationship between business and IT, management of end-user computing, designing IT services in a company, SLA, outsourcing and vendor management, ITIL and other IT management frameworks.

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What are the future prospects for students?

Better than ever. Hybrid managers and experts are more and more needed when systems get more standardized and consumerization takes place.

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Why should a student select Tilburg University and this program?

It's interesting, gives useful skills and knowledge, and career prospects are excellent.

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