Interview student Seta Pavlovic

Seta Pavlovic
  • Name: Seta Pavlovic
  • Nationality:  Slovenian
  • Master: International and European Law - Human Rights Law track
  • Year: 2013-2014

Seta Pavlovic' answers to the following questions

What is your educational background?

I was born and raised in Slovenia, where I also obtained my diploma in Law (Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana). I have also done an Erasmus exchange program on Cyprus (University of Cyprus, Department of Law) for two semesters in the academic year 2010-2011.

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Why did you choose Tilburg University?

I was looking for a University with a good reputation in teaching International Law and discovered that Tilburg University offers an excellent program in Human Rights Law whose content matches any other Master’s program in Human Rights Law I have seen, with the great advantage of lower tuition fees.

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What was the reason to choose your specific Master’s program?

I have long been really interested in international human rights law, and I immediately liked the choice of courses available in the Master’s in International and European Public Law program offered at Tilburg.

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What is special about the program?

Courses are very diverse and provide students with interactive lectures given by experts in their respective fields. There is also a variety of grading methods from paper assignments and written or oral exams to take-home or open-book exams. Some courses also provide an opportunity for group assignments, which helps students develop their teamwork skills. Discussions on current topics, which are essential for a good understanding of international law, also form an important part of the courses.

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What do you think about Tilburg University campus and facilities?

The University Campus offers a beautiful, park-like environment, with benches and lots of attractive meeting places. The facilities are mostly very modern and equipped with the latest technology. There are plenty of cafeterias where students can relax and have a quick snack, and also a big canteen with an interesting selection of lunch and dinner options.

The library at the center of the campus is also very big and modern, with double-screen computers and quiet areas for undisturbed study and also conference areas where students can work on their group assignments. It has a very pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, which helps to motivate you for your studies.

The university also provides a superlative Sports Center, which is constantly being renewed and upgraded. This offers a variety of group work-outs, team sports, halls that can be reserved for private games of tennis, squash, etc., and a gym with plenty of exercise options.

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What has your experience of the program and Tilburg University been so far?

My experience has been unique and memorable; I have learned a lot about how the international community works and have gained a greater understanding of the whole United Nations system and its role in the world. My Master’s program has motivated me to pursue a career in Human Rights and given me a wide range of options to choose from.

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What do you think of Tilburg as a city?

It is a small city with a relaxed atmosphere, filled with students from all over the world, gathered here to share this amazing student experience.

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What are your career aspirations?

I am planning to pursue a career in human rights, firstly by working for one or more NGOs to gain field experience and later by finding a job within the UN system, probably in support of its many Human Rights monitoring mechanisms that I now know so much about thanks to my studies at Tilburg.

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