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Our students, staff and alumni about the International Master in Management of IT

Student Slav Kissiov from Bulgaria

Mail a Master's student TiSEM - IMMIT: Slav Kissiov

I decided to follow the International Master in Management of IT because of its international exposure. It prepares students for the dynamic environment of international organizations. The structure of the IMMIT program is very well-established: in the first semester students focus on business courses, the second on ICT, and the third on IT and business integration. People will find something valuable in every stage of the IMMIT program depending on their background.

I am currently at the last semester of the IMMIT program which takes place in Tilburg. The first year the program took place in France and Finland, one semester each.

Please get in touch if you have any questions!

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Dr. Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Adm.) Eija Koskivaara

Eija Koskivaara

Senior research fellow

Why does this field of expertise interest you?

"We are living the digital revolution. IT is everywhere. Mobile networked devices, internet websites and cloud computing, and social networking have entered also all levels of business. We need to understand it, we need to manage it. This is just a beginning."

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Student Sjoerd Klomp

Sjoerd Klomp

“Participants of the IMMIT program have interesting profiles, making them very marketable. As for my career aspirations, I can see myself in an international working environment in (IT) consultancy or project management. The IMMIT program has taught me to think limitless, so I’m open to all options.”
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Alumnus Luka Ristic

Currently working at ING’s New York office as a Management Trainee in ING Bank’s IITP talent program

Alumnus Luka Ristic

“The IMMIT program is a truly life-changing experience that opens doors to career opportunities in Europe and beyond. On a professional level, it has added a lot of value to my CV, widened my knowledge and made me into a very attractive candidate for future employers."

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Alumna Merie Joseph Kannampuzha from India

Currently working as a doctoral student at Jyväskylä University funded by the Finnish Foundation for Economic Education

"The reality of the program proved to be even more exciting and life changing than I could ever dream of. Imagine three different universities, three different teaching styles and three Master degrees and mix it up with our cohort of 20 classmates from 13 different countries across four continents and you will start to get the picture. We met as strangers in France, moved together and closer in Finland and became great friends in the Netherlands."

Alumna Dyuthi Nair from India

Currently working at Shell as Business Analyst

"The truth is, there is a huge world of opportunities out there where multi-national companies are looking for exactly that right blend of skills in individuals who understand IT, but can understand business as well - and have a flexible personality that allows operating in international/multi-lingual contexts.

The live proof of that was just the number of companies that were interested in my CV and those of my peers when we finally began scanning for internships in our third semester. I have finally found my place in Shell where I utilize everything IMMIT has done for me - in terms of personal and professional development, and enjoy a fulfilling start to my career!"

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