Interview Staff Eija Koskivaara

Eija Koskivaara
  • Name: Eija Koskivaara
  • Position and field of expertise: Dr. Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Adm.), Senior research fellow

Eija Koskivaara's' answers to the following questions:

Why does this field of expertise interest you?

We are living the digital revolution. IT is everywhere. Mobile networked devices, internet websites and cloud computing, and social networking have entered also all levels of business. We need to understand it, we need to manage it. This is just a beginning.

What is interesting or unique about the program?

The hidden learning the students and their cohort get during their studies. Amazing how the students grow up and become a mature during their IMMIT journey. Learning of three different cultures, learning environments, universities together with well-planned processes and high quality and diverse content in different universities.

Which courses do you teach and what do they entail?

I am one in the teacher team of Research methods course in the IMMIT curriculum. The course introduces vocabulary, concepts, and methods of research in information systems (social sciences): qualitative and quantitative approaches, research process and writing research proposal.

What are the future prospects for students?

The future prospects for students are better than ever. Multitasking managers and “native global” experts, such as IMMIT graduates, are needed when systems get more standardized and innovative utilization takes place.

Why should a student choose this program?

Excellent investment for the future!

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