Leisure Studies

The MSc Leisure Studies provide a critical understanding of the relationship between leisure behavior, leisure organizations and leisure policies, and how supply and demand interact in a national and international leisure market.

Graduates are prepared for positions in the leisure sector (sports, culture, tourism, spatial development) which require an academic level of intellectual ability. The Master's program develops graduates for strategic positions in the national and international academic job market.

On Monday, April 14th 2014, NVAO (Dutch Flemish Accreditation Organisation) decided positive about the accreditation of the master Leisure Studies. Since September 2014 the academic master in Leisure Studies has started at NHTV Breda, in cooperation with Tilburg University. Information about MSc Leisure Studies at NHTV Breda and the application procedure can be found at this website. If you any have further questions, please contact Leisurestudies@nhtv.nl.

Students who have an academic Bachelor's degree in International Leisure Sciences or Tourism Studies at NHTV Breda have direct access to the MSc Leisure Studies. Click on the links for more information about these Bachelor's programs.

Dr. Ir. Bertine Bargeman

Program Director of MSc Leisure Studies

dr.ir. bertine bargeman_142646.jpg

"Are you interested in how people create their leisure lifestyles out of activities such as sports and recreation, fun shopping, visiting events, listening to music and volunteering, and how we organize our leisure, when nothing is necessary or obligated, and anything goes? Then you should consider embarking onto the Master Leisure Studies, and learn more about the activities we love to do, and the ways we organize them."