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Why did our students choose Tilburg University? How do they experience life in Tilburg and what are their career aspirations? Check out the interviews below to get inside the head of a Tilburg University student or alumni.

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Our students, staff and alumni about Marketing Analytics

Student Aikaterini Koukoulari

Interview student Aikaterini Koukoulari

“Courses like Advanced Marketing Research and Market Assessment provide you with real insights into how a market analyst operates. At the same time, these courses offer you the opportunity to explore a more technical aspect of marketing research, since we use a lot of software that many companies need, like SAS or LatentGold. Additionally, throughout the year, the professors instilled in us the importance of not automatically accepting the validity of the information that we were given. Instead a researcher needs to evaluate it critically by taking into account both the statistical significance of the numbers and also their practical importance. In my opinion this was the greatest gift.”

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Alumna Pinar Aygun

Currently employed as Business Analyst at AiMark/GFK“

"The knowledge gained at Tilburg University I apply on a daily basis. Especially the analytical tools and techniques I studied. In business life there is less interest in in-depth theoretical insights, but I constantly analyze data as I learned at the university.”

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Student Wietske Galema

Wietske Galema

“Why I chose the Master’s program of Marketing Analytics? First of all I have to admit that I never thought I would decide to study marketing research, as I do not consider myself a natural talent at statistics. However, in order to be admitted to the Marketing Management Master (which I took before this Master), I had to take obligatory courses in marketing research. The teachers showed me the value of data in the marketing process. Working in teams with other students also motivated me to continue in this field: they helped me understand difficult research techniques and encouraged me to persevere. Last but not least, the use of (big) data is gaining importance in the marketing field and companies are looking for academic professionals who can analyze data and give managerial advice based on the findings. I believe that marketing research can improve my career perspectives"

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Associate Professor Barbara Briers

Barbara Biers testimonial

“The Master’s program in Marketing Analytics combines methodological expertise in data intelligence with conceptual rigor in marketing knowledge applied to real business problems. This combination of advanced methodology courses with a solid theoretical background I consider to be the best equipment for a university Master’s degree.”

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