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Why did our students choose Tilburg University? How do they experience life in Tilburg and what are their career aspirations? Check out the interviews below to get inside the head of Tilburg University students or alumni.

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Our students, staff and alumni about Marketing Management

Academic Director Anick Bosmans

“Key to the Marketing Management program is the combination of profound marketing knowledge, the skills to apply this knowledge, and the academic attitudes to be open as well as critical towards new insights and developments. It is an academic program that provides students with state of the art marketing knowledge and insights. During (web)lectures, professors explain major and prevalent marketing theories, combined with recent research developments and insights from the field. Lecturers regularly discuss state of the art academic papers and case studies.”

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Alumnus Pieter Bastiaanssen

Currently employed as Manager Pricing at Nutreco

“As Pricing Manager I am responsible for determining the global prices of all Selko products. Selko is a producer of organic components of animal food, a subsidiary of Nutreco. The price is based on relevant market information, commodity prices and exchange rate fluctuations. In addition, I fulfill the role of business analyst and create long term predictions.”

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Student Michelle Kuijpers

“Why I chose Marketing Management? The program offers courses given by first-rate professors who keep investigating and improving marketing theories. Also, next to the interesting main courses taught, you can choose various interesting optional courses. For example, I chose the International Marketing course, to be better able to see the differences in marketing among cultures and countries. But I also chose a more research-based course, namely ‘Experimental Research’, to increase my knowledge on how to conduct experiments.”

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Alumnus Noël Heinink

“What surprised me about the Master's program?

The research-driven foundation of most Master’s courses at Tilburg University has really provided me with what I was looking for. Furthermore I also felt more enthusiasm and intensity from my fellow students compared to other years, as everybody understood the Master’s program was the last stop before a new step in life. Besides participating in interesting courses, I met nice and interesting people and I made friendships for life.”

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Alumnus Freek van Overbeek

Currently employed as a category manager at AB InBev

“As a student, I dreamed of working for a leading FMCG company with strong brands that trigger emotions. I was always fascinated how brands impact human life, emotions and day-to-day behavior. For me, being able to start as a Global Management Trainee after my graduation at one of the top 5 FMCG companies in the world was all I could wish for.”

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Student Niels Ansems

“A special aspect of the program is the fact that it is very practical for an academic Master's program. This allows you to get a feeling of what you can expect when you will get a job in the marketing sector. Also the different point of views that are addressed during the Master's program, (e.g. brand management, marketing communication etc.) provide you with different insights of the field of marketing, which is both interesting and challenging.”

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