Medical Psychology

Keuzegids Masters 2017 nummer 1

A program on the interface of Psychology and Medicine

The Tilburg University’s Master’s program of Medical Psychology concentrates on the relation between psychological wellbeing and physical health of children and adults. It is an in-depth program on the various sub-disciplines within psychology: clinical psychology, developmental psychologyexperimental psychology, and social psychology

The program is characterized by an integral approach to a patient’s problems departing from the thought that somatic, psychological, and contextual aspects play a role in every type of condition. The combination of psychological and medical program elements make this two-year Master’s program unique in the Netherlands.

For more information on the Dutch-taught Master of Medical Psychology, we would like to refer you to our Dutch website.


Research institute CoRPS

The Master's program in Medical Psychology works closely together with the renowed CoRPS research institute.


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