Career perspectives Philolophy of Contemporary Challenges

Your skills as a philosopher

As a trained philosopher, you are able to analyze and reflect critically on social, political and ethical issues. You can formulate justified and to the point proposals to solve societal problems. You acquire thorough knowledge of both classic and ‘state of the art’ texts from different philosophical sub disciplines: ethics, social and political philosophy and philosophy of science.

You develop the abilities to provide correct and meticulous arguments and learn to evaluate other people’s arguments. Je can present both your own and other views in both written and oral form.

Job opportunities

Philosophers end up in a wide range of jobs that typically demand general knowledge, clear thinking and excellent communicative skills. You can find philosophers in governmental agencies, journalism, corporations and education. Think of jobs such as:

  • Project manager in an NGO
  • Policy advisor in a governmental institution
  • Research journalist
  • Teacher in philosophy
  • Ethical consultant (in e.g. a financial institution)
  • Researcher (in e.g. a think tank)
  • PhD student

Want to become a teacher in philosophy?

After you get your master degree you can do a post-master program (in Dutch) that enables you to become a teacher in philosophy at all levels of secondary education.

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