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Philosophy, Science and Society

The English-taught track in Philosophy, Science and Society will develop your reasoning skills in the areas of rationality, morality, political institutions and the science/society interface; and enables you to critically analyze urgent problems within modern democracies.

Philosophy inspired by developments in psychology, cognitive science, economics and law

In the Philosophy, Science and Society track, students analyze social decision-making from a philosophical point of view.

  • Should democracies rely on scientific expertise and technocratic decision-making?
  • How does technological progress (e.g., Big Data) affect our civil rights?
  • Is there a thing such as collective responsibility?

To answer such questions, we require a sound understanding of humans as reasoners and social beings. Progress on these issues has often been inspired by developments in psychology, cognitive science, economics and law.

Our MA program brings these approaches together with classical philosophical topics. It familiarizes you with scopes and limits of democratic decision-making, moral reasoning, group agency, and the complex interplay of science and society.

The MA track in Philosophy, Science and Society offers you:

  • Expertise on ethical and epistemic aspects of social decision-making
    You will be able to demonstrate how philosophical analysis contributes to solving societal challenges.
  • Teaching by internationally leading researchers
    Your teachers are also internationally leading researchers. The Tilburg Center for Logic, Ethics and Philosophy of Science (TiLPS), the philosophy department's research platform, regularly organizes international conferences, workshops and seminars that you are invited to attend free of charge.
    The lecturers in the Philosophy, Science and Society MA track have a strong international teaching record, including countries such as Belgium, Germany, Italy, the United States, and the United Kingdom. There are also guest lecturers from Australia, Canada and the US.
  • Research-based learning and innovative approaches
    Our MA program is in the forefront of current trends and reflects the commitment to include the most recent state-of-the-art approaches and developments in the field of philosophy. From the first day of your stay in Tilburg, you will be confronted with the latest philosophical research, and you will assist your teachers in developing and testing new research results.
    The program combines traditional philosophical methods (conceptual analysis, dialectical reasoning, case studies, thought experiments) with recently developed approaches, such as experimental philosophy, simulations and abstract modeling of philosophical problems.
  • A broad range of scholarships
    There are several attractive scholarships to which you can apply, awarded at university, school or department level. They are open for European and non-European students alike.

Testimonial PSS - Anita van den Wijngaard

Student Anita van den Wijngaard

"Leading up to this master, I studied economics, psychology, Environmental Sciences and worked as a sales manager in industry. As to my personal future, I would like to be part of a think tank on social, environmental and economic issues that affect people's well-being."

The MA track in Philosophy, Science and Society in short

Language English
Start End of January 2017
(after that, the track will no longer be offered)
Duration 12 months. Check the courses and program structure
Title Master of Arts (MA)
Bachelor's with direct access To be assessed on an individual basis. Check the
admission requirements and application procedure
After graduation Policy advisor, values and ethics advisor, science
communicator, researcher in NGO's, consultant, teacher.
More about the career perspectives

TED talks about the topics of the MA program

Below, you find a variety of TED talks about the topics of the MA program. Enjoy!

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