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In September 2018 Tilburg University will start an English taught pre-master program for the Master's program Public Governance. For students of universities of applied sciences we will create a standard pre-master's program. For students of research universities who do not meet the requirements to enter this program directly, we will offer tailor made solutions. More information will be published in January 2018 under the item Pre-Master's Program.

The Master's program in Public Governance prepares you for a leading position in the public sector all around the world. Built on a governance, legal and economic foundation, you will be trained in building innovative strategies to tackle today's protean problems and prepared for facing the challenges of tomorrow.

Become an expert in public policy

The public sector worldwide is faced with major strategic challenges that no longer fit within borders and disciplines: unemployment, fiscal fraud, a refugee crisis in the background of an ongoing economic and financial instability.

Often framed as crises, these challenges take place in high pressure settings where divergent interests are constantly colliding; with ever increasing performance standards demanded by citizens and media.

In this master's program you develop the skills necessary to tackle such complex challenges:

  • Learn to address challenges in networks and coalitions of public organizations with citizens, nonstate actors, and businesses.
  • Fundamentally rethink and innovate core policies and processes. If cities, networks of businesses and organized crime become 'smart', public organizations also have no other option but to develop new and smart strategies.
  • Reconcile these topics simultaneously on a local, national, and global level.

Why the Master's program Public Governance in Tilburg? 

Theory from multiple perspectives meets practice

  • Address complex and multi-level governance issues with an economic, judicial, political and institutional foundation.
  • Build a strategy portfolio in a policy sector of your own choice in a tutorial and a master’s thesis.

Local, regional, international

  • Learn to serve society on all levels - local, regional, nationwide and in cross-border contexts.
  • An international governance perspective ensures you to learn from best practices in other countries - and to be able to apply these skills abroad later on in your career.

Take the lead in your own education

    • Combine extensive attention for both quantitative and qualitative methodology with real time policy-question and practice.
    • Specialists from multiple schools are present to advise and assist, but it’s your game to acquire the information you need by taking additional courses, attending seminars or other training. Take the lead in your own education and acquire the knowledge and skills you need to solve problems that exist in the world around us.

    The Master's program in Public Governance in short

    StartEnd of August and End of January
    DurationOne Year (12 Months).
    Check the courses and program structure
    TitleMaster of Science (MSc)
    Croho 66627 / 21PN
    Best preparatory Bachelor's- Bachelor in Public Governance/Public Administration, Global Law or Economics, Liberal Arts and Sciences.
    - Or an equivalent of a bachelor with basic knowledge of policy, politics and governance.
    Check the admission requirements and application procedure
    After graduation Graduates are eligible for a broad range of professions,
    including the following: managers, strategic advisors,
    consultants, trainees, researchers or other leading
    positions in the public sector.
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