Program Research Master in Law

The two-year Research Master's program in Law consists of 120 ECTS.

If you are a current student in this Master’s program, then please check the exact requirements in the Teaching and Examinations Regulations.

Four different types of courses are offered:

Methodical courses (36 ECTS)

These courses focus on the methods and techniques of academic (legal) research. You will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out high-quality research.

Context courses (12 ECTS)

These courses stimulate intellectual reflection on jurisprudence and the interdisciplinary study of law.

Research Training (42 ECTS)

The program also offers great potential for independent research. You will be supervised by a researcher experienced in your field of interest. Joint Research Training consists of a research Internship.

Domain courses (30 ECTS)

During the domain courses, you will gain a broader knowledge and understanding in the core areas of Law. These courses are taken together with students from other Master of Law programs while special assignments for Research Master students guarantee the methodological point of interest. You compose your 'package' of domain courses in consultation with the program management of the Research Master. A complete list of domain courses can be found in the study guide. In consultation with the program management there are possibilities to follow extra courses from the supply of regular master courses at Tilburg Law School.

Marianne Scholing

Program coordinator Marianne Scholing

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