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Information Management

Information Technology (IT) influences the foundation of business processes as it impacts on all organizations and industries. Organizations must know how to make the right choices with respect to new Information Systems (IS). Also, organizations need to ensure that existing business processes continue to receive a high quality service from IT. This tight link between IS and business processes involve shared responsibilities in the organization for the effective use of IT.

Understanding the key role of the added value of IT is an increasingly important competency especially for international enterprises. These new competencies are required and essential to address many of today’s information organizational challenges. IT creates new needs and opportunities for new types of career. Many jobs that did not exist 10 years ago are to be found in the IT industry (CNN money Magazine, 2010, Yahoo finance, 2011). Companies in the field of IT are looking to recruit students with the best skills, especially those who are able bridging business and technology with a greater understanding for innovation and globalization.

The thrust of the Information and Management research master program is two folds: (i) to learn managing new organization in optimizing business value from (with) Information Systems and (2) to foresee and therefore innovate with IT to gain competitive advantage. 

The research master students following our program will be offered a portfolio of courses as a function of their research angle. Also, they will be provided with advanced courses as well as extensive methodological training (theoretical and applied) to develop research skills. They also will be part of the research team and therefore benefit of the academic collaboration network of the academic staff.