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Kim Tenfelde - student ReMA L&C 2016-2018

Student Kim Tenfelde

"I really appreciate the personal touch of the Master and the fact that I can genuinely focus on my interests (cognition, emotions, non-verbal communication and the social aspect of communication). I get to choose my own courses, but I also have a lot of freedom in what I focus on outside of the electives. For instance, next semester I have to do a Lab Rotation which is basically an internship with a professor of your own choice. The lecturers and professors are all very enthusiastic and eager to work with you, which contributes to the personal touch."

Prof dr Emiel Krahmer

Emiel Krahmer, Full Professor at Tilburg University

"I'm fascinated by behavioural aspects of the way people speak, particularly in revealing the link between speech and facial gestures."

Graduate Zeynep from Turkey

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