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Research Master in Philosophy

The Research Master's program in Philosophy is a two-year program that covers a wide range of subjects in philosophy. Our overall aim is to provide you with the skills and insight needed to do independent intellectual work in philosophy at a postgraduate level. Some of our students want to acquire these skills and insights as preparation for a PhD track, some aspire to use them in another research-related profession (e.g., a NGO or a think tank) while others are just excited by the intellectual challenge. But all are invited to participate in a lively research environment in which students are encouraged to interact with some of the best minds in the field.

The art of thinking

The distinctive characteristic of our Research Master's program in Philosophy is its emphasis on skills relating to reasoning, analysis, argumentation and communication. You will receive a solid, thorough training in the art of thinking, learn to analyze and to understand complex subjects, and acquire techniques that help you to convey your thoughts accurately.
As a Research Master's graduate you will be able to make a valuable contribution to the intellectual debate on philosophy, both amongst colleagues and in wider social circles.

Excellent research

Research in philosophy at Tilburg University attracts world-wide attention. The Tilburg Center for Logic, General Ethics and Philosophy of Science (TiLPS) is an internationally renowned research hub and home to extensive collaboration between logicians, philosophers of science, epistemologists, and ethicists (including metaethics and business ethics). TiLPS hosts regular seminars and colloquia as well as an impressive agenda of workshops and conferences with distinguished guests from all over the world.

We stimulate an intellectually open atmosphere: we combine a study of philosophical classics with engagement in interdisciplinary research, where we apply insights from economics, psychology, sociology, linguistics or computer science.

TiLPS maintains research collaborations and good contacts with other centers and research groups of Tilburg University, such as the Tilburg Center for Communication and Cognition (TiCC), Tilburg Institute for Behavioral Economic Research (TIBER), CentER for Economic Research and the legal philosophy research group. More information about Tilburg University Research institutes and Group

The main areas of expertise in philosophy at Tilburg University are Philosophy of Science, Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Logic, Philosophy of Language, Ethics, Metaethics, Business Ethics, Philosophical Anthropology, German Idealism and Hermeneutics.

What makes this program special?

  • You will be brought in touch with the most recent state-of-the-art in your area of research.
  • You will get a chance to discuss your ideas with leading philosophers from all over the world.
  • You are part of a stimulating and interdisciplinary oriented research environment.
  • You will be assigned a personal tutor, who will accompany and support you from enrollment to graduation.
  • You will write a research proposal and be thoroughly prepared for the academic job market.
  • You will do a teaching internship and learn what it means to prepare and to give a philosophy lecture.
  • Specialized training courses improve your skills in academic writing (in English), giving presentations, etc.
  • You will spend some time abroad and get additional intellectual stimulation there.

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