Prof. dr. Leon Oerlemans

Visit his personal page Prof. dr. Leon Oerlemans Program director Research Master Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Program Director Research Master in Social and Behavioral Sciences 
  • Professor Organizational Dynamics 
  • Extraordinary Professor of Economics and Innovation at the University of Pretoria, South Africa


"Welcome to the website of the two-year research master's program of the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (TSB). You have just hit an intensive, high-quality program that will train you to become a broadly oriented researcher in Social Psychology (including Economic Psychology), Social Sciences (Sociology or Organization Studies) or Methodology and Statistics. The research master offers you a unique perspective on social and behavioral science research, nowhere else to be found inside or outside the Netherlands."


"The research master program is called Individual in Social Context, and studies the individual within different social contexts with the aim of understanding problems relevant to modern society. You will leave the program as an all-round researcher, not only capable of doing high-quality research in the area of your specialization but also in different areas in the social and the behavioral sciences."


"The program (study load: 120 ECTS) consists of a common major (42 ECTS) and three minors from which you choose one (78 ECTS). During the major, all students meet with the psychological, the sociological and the organizational perspective on societal problems. A broad methodological approach is used to study research questions. Students learn to use the best method for solving a particular problem. Problems are relevant to society and address issues that are studied in a precise and scientifically correct way so as to reveal the laws that govern human behavior. In each of the three minors, you are further trained to become a more specialized researcher."


"The best scientists TSB has to offer teach you. Teaching is intensive and always takes place in small groups. Theory and application go hand in hand, and a large part of the program consists of hands-on research skill training. The first-year paper and the master's thesis (second year) offer you ample opportunity to do your own research under the supervision of an experienced researcher. The doors of your teachers are wide open, and you will become student members of their research groups. We use a tutor system, implying that each student regularly meets with his or her tutor to discuss whatever keeps him or her busy."


"What are your opportunities after completion of the program? After graduation, you are ready to apply for a Ph.D. position at any university. But you may choose differently and become a researcher affiliated with a governmental institution, an educational measurement institute, or a research agency involved in marketing, policy research, and organizational consultancy. Because the program not only is specialized through its minors but also broadly oriented through its common major, our graduates are attractive to most research areas."

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