Program overview Research Master Social and Behavioral Sciences

The Research-Master in Social and Behavioral Sciences is a two-year (120 ECTS) English taught program. The focus of this program is on individual behavior from three social science perspectives: social psychology, sociology, and organization studies. In the first year, these perspectives are studied both separately and in combination. The second year is characterized by specialization. You van specialize in: Methodology and Statistics, Social Psychology, Sociology or Organization Studies. Each specialization offers internal and international traineeships, specialized content and statistics courses. 

Students specialize by choosing one of three minors:

Common courses (42 ECTS)

The three contexts are studied in:

  1. Three different content courses - each of which takes one context as its focus and relates it to the other two.
  2. Two methodology courses , which connect the contexts and study them from both a content perspective and a methodological perspective.
  3. In addition, there is also a common statistics course, a common programming course, and a common course on writing scientific articles and presenting research.

*The numbers are the ECTS for the particular course.

Research parts (54 ECTS)

A largest part of the program consists of research parts : Students learn everything there is to know about doing scientific research by means of a hands-on approach. This entails taking part in research of the research groups involved in the research master, and doing your own research supervised by a researcher from these groups.

The specific activities are: international traineeship, intern traineeships, visiting seminars and colloquia, learning about ethics, writing a first-year paper and the Master's thesis. In the latter two students carry out a research project from start to end.

*The numbers are the ECTS for the particular research part.

Minor Methodology & Statistics

Minor-specific courses (24 ECTS)

All minors have the same structure but offer courses that are specifically tuned to the particular minor. Each minor offers four content courses; students need to follow three out of four. Every minor has a specialized statistics course that will teach you advanced statistical techniques related to the specific field of research the minor covers.

*The numbers are the ECTS for the particular course.

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