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Alumna Victimology and Criminal Justice Sybrich Zwiers

now Executive Assistant of Prof. dr. J.P. Balkenende

Victimology and Criminal Justice (MSc)

1 year English Starts end of August

In the Master's program Victimology and Criminal Justice you will study the position of victims in society. Drawing upon the insights offered by law, psychology, criminology, and other social sciences, you will learn to academically analyze and professionally solve psychosocial, political, and legal problems arising from victimization, with a particular focus on the victim within the context of the criminal justice system.

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Social Science Research Network Ranking (SSRN, August 2018)

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National Alumni Survey, 2017 | n=14

Master's program in Europe

in Victimology

Program and courses

Look at factors leading to victimization and the psychosocial, political, and legal consequences of becoming a victim.

  • Analyze and professionally address victimological problems with a particular focus on the victim in the context of the criminal justice system.
  • Benefit from state of the art knowledge and connections accumulated by research institute INTERVICT, who can select you for an internship to contribute to its research projects, or mediate for positions at external organizations.
  • Students are stimulated to participate in extracurricular activities such as a study trip to Rwanda and courses in Dubrovnik and Leuven.

Typical courses are:

  • Theories and Perspectives on Victimization
  • Victims in National and International Criminal Justice
  • Psychology and Law

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  • Laurence Blavier - Victimology and Criminal Justice

    Laurence Blavier

    Master's student

    "I have thoroughly enjoyed the content of the courses. It enabled me to feel passionate about the material."

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  • Rik Ceulen - Victimology and Criminal Justice

    Rik Ceulen

    Criminological researcher Tilburg University

    "The moments when victims tell me that they really appreciate the fact that Victim Support and/or INTERVICT are doing their best to improve the support that’s provided to victims is the most motivating in my job."

  • Arista Kusumastuti - Victimology and Criminal Justice

    Arista Kusumastuti

    Intern Consular Affairs Indonesia, the Netherlands

    "In the fieldwork, I tried to talk with undocumented immigrants as a friend without blaming and judging their life."

Career prospects

As a Master of Science in Victimology and Criminal Justice, you are prepared for a wide range of career paths. Victim-related issues are of increasing interest within academia, policy-making, and the public and the private sectors -  both at the national and international levels. 

Graduates started for example as:

  • PhD student at INTERVICT, Netherlands
  • Policy advisor at Victim Support, Netherlands
  • Evidence reviewer at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, Netherlands
  • Programme officer at the Institute for Statelessness and Inclusion, Netherlands
  • Policy & Advocacy Specialist, UNICEF Liaison Office to the AU and UNECA, Ethiopia

Alumni facts Tilburg Law School

  • Average number of months until first paid job: 2.86
  • Employer requires an academic Master’s degree: 68%
  • Gross monthly income of our graduates in the first year: € 2.468,-

Source: National Alumni Survey, 2018 | n = 118

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Application and admission

This Master’s program starts:

End of August

Best preparatory programs:

A Bachelor’s (=undergraduate) degree in:

  • Law
  • Criminology
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences

Pre-Master’s program:

Available with conditions. After completion of a Pre-Master’s program in one of the university-level programs (law, liberal arts and sciences, psychology, sociology or criminology) you may also be admitted to the Master’s program in Victimology and Criminal Justice, provided certain other conditions are met. Contact us for more information about the conditions.

Tuition fees and scholarships

Please check the information about the tuition fees and the scholarships available for international students.

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