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Fees Pre-Bachelor

A year-long intensive course with additional counseling is costly. Fortunately, the university cooperates with a number of partners in order to minimize costs. Your fees are dependent on whether you are a client of UAF:

UAF Clients

If you have refugee status and you are or in the process of becoming a client of UAF, you are only required to pay the fees for Civic Integration. The fees are € 3,750. This can be paid for with a DUO loan (see below).

Participants who are not UAF clients

If you are not a client of UAF, the fees are:  

  • € 3,750 for the Civic Integration components. This can be paid with a DUO loan (see below).
  • € 2,000 personal contribution or co-payment

The total fees for the program are € 5,750.

DUO loan

If you would like or are required to meet the Civic Integration requirements, you can request a DUO loan. This loan allows you to purchase language courses or exam training sessions for up to a maximum of € 10,000. If you have asylum status, you are not required to pay back the loan after receiving your Civic Integration certificate.  

Note: You must meet the following requirements to be eligible for payment of your Civic Integration fees with a DUO loan:

  • Proof of available funds amounting to € 3,750 from your DUO loan for Civic Integration
    • You can provide a recent letter from DUO which states the amount you can borrow.
  • No previous registration for the various components of the Civic Integration exam; you will take the Dutch State Exam, program II, the Knowledge of Dutch Society exam and the Orientation to the Dutch Labor Market exam on dates determined by Tilburg University.

The fees will be invoiced in three installments in September, December and February. You will be repeatedly requested to sign the invoice for proof of receipt.

If it emerges that we are not able to invoice the fees to DUO at any time during the Pre-Bachelor's year, you will be invoiced directly.

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