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Admitted - what's next?

Soon you will start your studies at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. We have prepared a pre-departure guide 'Welcome to Tilburg University' that will give you insight into what you have to arrange and when. You will find important information regarding practical matters such as:

  • how to complete your enrollment,
  • immigration,
  • accommodation,
  • health and liability insurance,
  • and financial matters.

We have also included a Pre-Departure Checklist so that you can't forget anything! Please read this information carefully.

Pre-departure webinar

Besides the pre-departure guide we will also organize a pre-departure webinar. During this online information session, we will discuss the main topics that you can find in the guide to make sure you know what you need to arrange before you come to Tilburg.

The pre-departure webinar for January 2018 intake takes place on December 5th at 13:00 (UTC +1). Check your local time here. You can register for the webinar here.

In the mean time you can still watch the pre-departure webinar for September intake 2017 below.


All information you need in one document
All information you need in one document

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