Post graduate program JADS

JADS Data Expert Program

Why this program?

Many organizations are presented with the challenges to reflect the needs of society and its customers. In response to the developments in big data and in their respective industries, data is leading in the developments of new opportunities at strategic, tactical and operational levels. These developments are calling for well qualified data scientists. The Data Expert Program aims at educating data science-driven entrepreneurs who have the capability to create, develop and market data technologies, conduct research, and present results in a clear, nontechnical manner. Participants will be skilled in applying the data revolution to develop innovative, value-adding and sustainable business activities within existing corporations and startups. You will learn how to translate innovative, data driven ideas into concrete project requirements, develop technological solutions, launch a business venture and assess its effectiveness.

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About JADS

The Jheronimus Academy of Data Science is an ambitious initiative. The Academy offers programs at three locations (Eindhoven University of Technology, Tilburg University and the Mariënburg Campus in 's-Hertogenbosch). The programs are innovative and truly multi-disciplinary. This is especially true for the Mariënburg Campus where researchers and students work in close collaboration with industry within a unique educational concept.

Jheronimus Academy of Data Science is a center of knowledge and activity where future-proof, real-world solutions are developed.


Data Expert Program fast facts

  • The Data Expert program is designed for ambitious professionals with a strong analytical and quantitative background.
  • Duration: 1 year, approximately 30 full working days – generally on Fridays at JADS premises in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (in-class sessions and one (bootcamp)weekend). In addition, self-study approx. 8 hours/week.
  • Program structure & format: The program consists of 9 modules. These modules cover all aspects of data science to reach the program objectives: focusing on Data Engineering and Data Analytics (knowledge and skills), Business Impact and Entrepreneurship.
  • Diploma: The Data Expert Program is a non-degree program. Successful participants will receive an official certificate from JADS/Tilburg University/Eindhoven University of Technology.


Overview of the program modules
Data Expert Introduction
Data-driven Entrepreneurship
Data Engineering
Data Analytics
Business Analytics
Ethical and Law
Creative Thinking
Graduation Project


For who?

Candidate Requirements

Candidates of the postgraduate Data Science Program are highly motivated to learn combining generalist thinking with expert thinking, and formulating and solving complex problems in a data driven environment. The candidates have an entrepreneurial mindset. Their profile can be typified as:

  • Technical expertise: the starting point is expertise in some scientific discipline at Master’s level, the Data Expert program is designed for ambitious professionals with a strong analytical and quantitative background.
  • Curiosity: intrinsic desire to discover, distill, and model a problem down to a clear set of concepts and hypotheses that can be tested.
  • Story telling: intrinsic motivation to develop the skill to use data to tell a story and to be able to communicate it effectively.
  • Creativity: desire to develop the ability to look at a problem in different, creative ways.


Admission and application

The Data Expert program is designed for ambitious professionals with a strong analytical and quantitative background.

Admission requirements:
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in relevant field
  • at least three years of relevant working experience
  • English language proficiency