Rankings and Achievements

Our courses, research, and facilities are rated as good, excellent, or outstanding. Ever more of our constituents are ranking as best in the country or Europe.

Rankings and achievements

Law School in QS top 100

Tilburg University again scores high in top best universities in the world

Tilburg University is again in the world top 50 for economics & econometrics, the top 100 for law, and among the best 150 for philosophy, according to the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2014 that was published today. The QS World University Rankings, based on universities’ reputations among scholars, ranks the 800 best universities in the world.

Our Law School is included in this world subject ranking for the first time and went straight into the top 100. Philosophy at Tilburg University rose into the top 150. Economics & econometrics has retained its position in the top 50. The same goes for psychology (top 100), accounting (top 100), sociology (top 200), and statistics (top 200).

In 2013, Tilburg University ranked 373rd in the overall QS ranking and thus belongs to the top 3% of best ranking universities in the world. Tilburg University’s overall score in the QS ranking 2014 will be published later this year.

Other recent scores

Shanghai / ARWU
World Europe Netherlands
Economics / business 47 7 2
Social sciences 86 16 4

Ranks subjects like economics and management sciences, behavioral sciences and law

World Europe Netherlands
Social scienes 106 31 8
World Europe Netherlands
Economics & Econometrics 42 13 2
Accounting & Finance 52 18 3
Psychology 70 28 8
Social sciences & management 108 47 4
Philosophy 162 66 7
Statistics & Operational research 167 65 8
Sociology 171 73 8
Arts & Humanities 279 136 10
Life Science & Medicine 401 175 11
Overall 373 123 13
Tilburg University Top 100 Worldwide Economics Schools Research Ranking
World Europe Netherlands
19 3 1
UT Dallas Top 100 Business School Research Rankings
World Europe Netherlands
34 3 1
SSRN Top 500 International Law Schools
World Europe Netherlands
? 2 1

Every university that is in the overall top 500 of the three most prestigious university rankings (THE, ARWU and QS) belongs to the best 2% of the 30,000 universities in the world. The position in these rankings depends to a large extent on the university’s characteristics, and those of the ranking, that may have little or nothing to do with quality. The characteristics of Tilburg University include, for example, that we do not have any exact, technical or (bio)medical sciences, that we are relatively small and, for some disciplines (e.g., Dutch Law), we do not publish in English or only to a limited extent. As a result, we do not score many points in many categories for the overall score.

The above rankings are aimed at scientific research and less, or not at all, at academic education. Universities in the Anglo-Saxon countries do better than those in non-English-speaking countries. As a result of these characteristics, Tilburg University cannot achieve an overall top 100 score in these rankings. That says nothing about the quality of our university. However, what is newsworthy is how Tilburg University scores in the subrankings for the disciplines in which we do participate.

A European ranking (Multirank) is being prepared, that will provide a more balanced picture because the American Ivy League is not included and teaching as well as social impact are also weighed.

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