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Our Summer School is designed for students from all over the world. Exchange students, prospective students, current students, Tilburg University staff and alumni are all invited to participate in one of the academic courses.

Academic courses Summer School 2019

Bible and Video Games – 1 ECTS

Have you played video games like The Talos Principle, Bioshock, Zombi, or the Prince of Persia? Do you know the difference between ludology (the critical study of gaming) and narratology (the critical study of narrative structure) and how they affect our perception? This fun, innovative course makes a connection between Bible and biblical traditions and contemporary video games. Find out more

Cultural Diversity: Theory and Practice - 6 ECTS

What can cross-cultural psychology tell us about inter-group contact and communication? During this course, you will develop an understanding of the unique challenges and benefits of living in a multicultural society, working in international business, and in multicultural teams. Find out more

Justice for Victims of Conflict-related Sexual Violence and Human Trafficking? - 6 ECTS

How can conflict-related sexual violence be investigated and prosecuted in international criminal tribunals as an aspect of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity itself?  Around the world every day, countless human beings - men, women, boys and girls - suffer the harsh consequences of conflict-related rape and human trafficking. During this intensive two-week course you will delve into the opportunities and challenges in addressing both crimes. Find out more

Religion, Peace & Non-Violence: Catholicism as a case - 2 ECTS

Learn firsthand how religion contributes equally to peace and war.  In this one-week summer intensive you will learn to distinguish between several levels of non-violence, receive training in ‘value focused interviewing’, and conduct live interviews with international key-figures who promote non-violence worldwide. Find out more

Statelessness Summer Course: Global Focus

This course, organised by the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion looks at this phenomenon from various perspectives. Beginning with a reflection on the history and concepts of nationality and statelessness, the course goes on to deal with a wide array of legal and policy issues associated with statelessness today. This course addresses the status of stateless persons, their human rights and right to international protection. In addition, the course takes an in depth look at a number of specific questions relating to statelessness, such as children's right to a nationality, the interaction between statelessness and forced migration, the place of statelessness in the Sustainable Development Goals, UNHCR's statelessness mandate and #ibelong campaign, and the problem of arbitrary deprivation of nationality. Find out more on the Institute’s website!

Supply Chain Management in Global Business – 2 ECTS

If you live in Northern Europe and have eaten an avocado recently, you have benefited from a supply chain! Supply chains play a crucial role in connecting markets and economies on a global scale; that is of course a great virtue. But there’s great vulnerability at work too: think about the impact of natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and strikes on the movement of goods and people. Find out more

Sustainable and Social Entrepreneurship: triple business models - 2 ECTS

Discover hands-on how the entrepreneurial mindset - backed up by entrepreneurial knowledge and skills - can deliver novel and radical solutions to society’s biggest challenges. How? You will identify, design and launch your own social enterprise and pitch your concept to a panel of experts and investors. Find out more

Understanding Data with R

Information about this course will be made available soon.

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