Summer School Academic Courses - Sustainable and social Entrepreneurship

Sustainable and Social Entrepreneurship: Triple Business Models

Can entrepreneurs save the world? In this 1-week summer intensive you will discover hands-on how the entrepreneurial mindset - backed up by entrepreneurial knowledge and skills - can deliver novel and radical solutions to society’s biggest challenges.

You will identify, design and launch your own social enterprise, and pitch your concept to a panel of experts and investors.

This course gives you:

  • Knowledge and understanding of core theories, methods and techniques used in entrepreneurship;
  • Knowledge of how entrepreneurship can deliver novel solutions to complex problems arising from global sustainability issues.


You will develop the skills needed to:

  • Initiate, plan,  conduct and complete a business projects in which your new knowledge of social entrepreneurship is applied;
  • Generate creative ideas and translate them into concrete plans for creating and running a business;
  • Experiment with new ideas, attitudes, and behaviours;
  • Present and pitch your business idea and analysis to a panel of professionals.


This summer school stimulates you to:

  • Be curious about all aspects of entrepreneurship, innovation and business and to really understand how they interact with society at large;
  • Develop  an ‘opportunity’ orientation in which you view global problems as challenges with a variety of potential solutions;
  • Be open to learning and experimentation as key to your self-development and further education.
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