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English Language and Study Skills for Chinese Students

TUSS - Intro 2

Are you a Chinese student just entering your university program, or in your 1st or 2nd year of undergraduate (BA/BS) studies? Do you want to bring your level of English to B2 or C1 proficiency level in three short weeks? This is the course for you! 

Course information

This course in short

  • Content:
    Structural aspects of writing and speaking for academic and professional audiences, as well as the language-technical aspects.
  • Level after finishing the course:
    B2 or C1
  • Entry requirements:
    Chinese students who are at entry level, or in their 1st or 2nd year (BA/BS) at a Dutch university.
  • Taught by:
    Dr. M. Vitullo / Dr. S. Peraino
  • Course period:
    23 July – 10 August 2018 (3 weeks). Classes every morning and afternoon, 5 days a week
  • ECTS:
    6 ECTS
  • Maximum number of participants:
  • Course fee:
    • Tilburg University students: €612 or 9 Language Vouchers; each voucher is worth €68. If you have fewer than 9 vouchers you can purchase the remaining vouchers.
    • Tilburg University alumni & employees: €630
    • External students: €720 (no scholarships are available)

Course aims

On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Write an essay at a university level that meets the demands of academic communication as is required in an English-language instruction program at a Dutch university;
  • Give a presentation on an academic/professional topic that meets the demands of university level communication in an English-language instruction program at a Dutch university;
  • Function successfully in an academic learning environment at the B2+ / C1 English proficiency level. This includes such skills as:
    • class interaction (asking and answering questions, participating in in-class group activities);
    • the ability to properly summarize and paraphrase from written materials; and
    • effective note- taking.

Course information

In this course:

You are taught both the structural aspects of writing and speaking for academic and professional audiences, as well as the language-technical aspects.

A considerable emphasis is placed on familiarizing students with the specifics of academic communication in English at the university level, both at the language use and at the text organizational level.

  • You are given instruction on, and exercises in:
    • essay and presentation composition
    • advanced grammar, vocabulary development, and pronunciation.
  • Particular attention is given to those elements of both structure and language to meet the specific needs of Chinese students;
  • With respect to presentation skills, you will be given instruction in presentation delivery and audience management, as well as the specific demands of presentation as compared to writing;
  • You are provided instruction in the formal aspects of academic communication:
    • referencing;
    • the use of resources;
    • the boundaries of usage (what constitutes proper usage as opposed to improper usage).

Course materials and specifics

Course materials

  • Tilburg University Language Center English Toolbox (provided by the university on Blackboard)
  • A Reader on the Conventions of Argumentation and Academic Writing (provided by the university on Blackboard)
  • A Reader on Oral Presentations (provided by the university on Blackboard)

Course specifics

  • The attendance requirement for the course is 80% of the classes taught.
  • The assumed entry level for the course is B2 (CEFR).
  • The assumed level of education for the course is pre-university education as required to gain entrance to a Dutch university.
  • This course is specifically aimed at prospective University students, who are Chinese, who wish to attend an English-language instruction program at a Dutch university. Particular focus is given to those topics that specifically meet the needs of Chinese learners of English, especially with respect to the acquisition of advanced-level skills.
  • The final grade for this course is determined by your submission of a final paper (2000 word argumentative essay), your final presentation (argumentative or persuasive – 10 minutes in length + question-and-answer session) and a final written examination on language use and academic communications conventions.
  • The target level of the course, upon completion, is level B2+ / C1.


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