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Social program Tilburg University Summer School

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Besides interesting academic courses, Tilburg University Summer School also organizes a social program for its participants. Make the most of your summer and combine your summer course with a unique social and cultural experience!

Social program 2019

During your stay in the Netherlands TUSS organizes a diverse and fun-packed social program for you to enjoy your summer and meet people from all around the world! The social program will consist of basic activities and optional activities.

Basic activities are free for all TUSS participants. These activities range from theme parties to international dinners. Attend these activities to make your summer school experience an unforgettable experience!

Optional activities are not covered by the basic social program fee. These activities require a small additional fee to cover their costs. You can sign up for these activities when you register for your summer course.

Check the Social program booklet 2018 for information about the activities we organised during the previous edition of TUSS!

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Some activities are included in included in the basic social fee, which means summer school participants are free to visit them! Other activities are optional and require an extra fee.


Tilburg University Summer School also strongly recommends you rent a bike for the time you spend in Tilburg. It is the easiest and quickest way to travel to the city center and the university.

Sports Center

During your stay in Tilburg you are able to visit the sports center, connected to the Tilburg University. It is located at walking distance from the campus, and gives you the opportunity to practice different sports, such as tennis, swimming and fitness.

For approximately 30 Euros, you can buy a sports membership for the entire summer. Or you can buy a daily pass for 7 Euros. The daily pass is valid on the date of purchase.

Note: prices for 2019 are subject to change. It is not possible to go swimming with a daily pass.

Important to note

Please note that Tilburg University Summer School remains the right to cancel or change its social activities at any time, in case of insufficient applications or other reasons. In case this concerns an activity of the additional program, your fee will of course be refunded.

Registration TUSS 2019

At the moment, it is not possible to register for Tilburg University Summer School 2019. Do you want to be notified when registration opens? Please fill in the form on the registration page.

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