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Campaign School of Economics and Management 2017

Tilburg School of Economics and Management is conducting its annual phone campaign for the 4th of February to the 25th of February 2017. Students inform alumni on the activities organized in the upcoming year and discuss how you can be involved with realizing important projects of your school.

It is wonderful to know that so many alumni have warm feelings about their Alma Mater. Besides contributions, for example through offering internships and joining the Mentor Program, alumni donated almost €90,000 for various projects!

The TiSEM Alumni Committee has selected various projects for which funds will be used. The projects can be found below.

Scholarships international students

Nowadays, few fundamental questions can be solved within the borders of a country. Internationalization requires the best contacts with foreign institutions and exchange of foreign top talent. With a scholarship talented foreign students from less developed countries will be able to enroll in a Master's program.

This year, students Lkhaghvaa, Fizzah and Aizada were given the chance to obtain their master's degree in Tilburg with the support alumni gave in the 2016 phone campaign. With your support, we can give tallented students from less developed countries the same chance in the next academic year. Please donate to the TiSEM Alumni Fund!

Innovative Education and Research

With education and research, Tilburg School of Economics and Management aims to contribute to society. Our researchers are working on solutions and innovation for complex issues. This is reflected in our education programs. As alumni, you know how valuable this is. With your contribution to the annual fund, you support a large number of projects.