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Campaign 2015

From February 23 until March 21 2015, Tilburg School of Economics and Management conducted it's second annual phone campaign. Students brought alumni up to date on the activities our School organizes this year and discussed ways for alumni to be involved in realizing very important projects. Alumni spoke enthusiastically about their time as students and it is great to notice that so many alumni sympathize with their Alma Mater. Next to contributions through, for example, internship opportunities and contributing to the TiSEM Career Mentor Program, together, alumni promised almost €90,000 of financial support for our projects!

The TiSEM Alumni Committee selected various projects, for which funds were raised. The projects are shown below:

Scholarships for international students Euro 40,000

Currently there are few fundamental questions that can be solved within the borders of a country. Internationalization demands for both the best contacts with foreign institutions and for the exchange of foreign top talent.

Scholarships telethon alumni tisem

With a scholarship, a talented foreign student from a less developed country can enroll in a master program at our university. This is how Luis Cristóvão Ferreira Lima came to Tilburg University to get his master’s degree in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics. Through the support of alumni, Luis can play an important part in further developing his country, with the knowledge and experience he gained here. With this year’s campaign we were able to give Hoang Nguyen (Vietnam, MSc in Finance), Kshitiz Dahal (Nepal, MSc in Economics) and Mertcan Akyürek (Turkey, MSc in Economics) the opportunity to study at Tilburg University.

Innovative education Euro 10,000

Alumni know from experience how important motivating and inspiring education can be. Tilburg School of Economics and Management wants to go the extra mile. To create an even bigger value for the society and the student. That is why our students will be taught by leading professors. Research and education are connected. We prepare our students for an (international) career with heavy competition. Thanks to the support of our alumni, we create programs to teach our students extra skills in order to be well prepared for the labor market and be able to fulfill their part in society.

Innovative research Euro 26,000

Innovative research has a high priority as well and we strive to offer our professors additional opportunities to realize their research projects. Shivaram Devarakonda researches the mobility of knowledge workers; Gabor Neszveda looks for the answer to the question, whether we are irrational or suspicious when making decisions; Marco da Rin and Emanuele Rizzo investigate the role of investment companies on innovations and Zilin He focuses his research on Dutch patents in China.

Read more about the selected research projects.

Extra-curricular activities Euro 2,500

Tilburg School of Economics and Management does not want to educate the most, but the best students. Good students want to excel in both the academic and the extra-curricular environment. The MAK is an organization by and for students, with its main purpose to improve the personal and academic development of students. With the contribution of alumni, the MAK will bring the importance of extra-curricular activities for personal development and career preparation to the attention of young students. For example, by making and promoting a video.

Because of the contribution of alumni

  • Talented foreign students, from less developed countries, will be able to enroll in a Master’s program at Tilburg School of Economics and Management;
  • Innovative education and research will be developed and supported;
  • Students will able to excel in the extra-curricular environment.