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TiSEM Alumni Committee

Your contribution to the TiSEM campaign is very much valued

Many contributions combined make a big difference and Tilburg School of Economics and Management will carefully handle your donations. Therefore, the TiSEM Alumni Committee has been established. Under the direction of alumnus Huub Dekkers, this committee makes sure that your contribution will be optimally used.

The TiSEM Alumni Committee used the following principles to allocate funds the submitted proposals:

  • The proposal has to be in line with the views of alumni and with Understanding Society.
  • The funds will be divided fairly amongst different categories, not guaranteeing that every category will receive funding.
  • The proposal has to be clearly stated, innovative and communicable.
  • The proposal offers something extra.

Huub Dekkers

Huub Dekkers

Fiscal Economics (1998)

CEO bij CINOP Advies

Lenny Berkers

Lenny Berkers

Business Economics (1980), Post Master Accountancy (’83)

Member various Supervisory Boards

Willem van Groenendaal

Willem van Groenendaal

Economics and Econometrics 1979,PhD Economics 1994

Emeritus Professor Tilburg School of Economics and Management

Stephanie Staats


Organization Studies (2009) Tilburg University

Development Officer Tilburg University Society