Stay connected! Tilburg University facilitates strong ties among graduates and between graduates and their school or graduate associations.

Campaign 2014

Last February, Tilburg School of Economics and Management organized a phone campaign to its alumni. In this campaign, alumni were informed by current students about activities organized this year and  how alumni can be involved in realizing important projects  at  the school. Alumni spoke enthusiastically about their time as students and it was great to see that so many alumni feel strongly connected to their Alma Mater. Next to contributing by for example offering internships and participating in the TiSEM Career Mentor Program, alumni have jointly donated €98.000 to our projects! The TiSEM Alumni Committee has granted  the funds of 2014-2015 (€40.000) to different projects listed below:


€10.000 to the alumni scholarship 2014-2015

The TiSEM Alumni Committee is, also because of the positive reactions of alumni, happy to offer a talented foreign student from a less developed country and with insufficient financial resources, like Saikal Anvvar kyzy from Kyrgyzstan, the opportunity to enroll in a master’s program at our School. The applications for this scholarship are currently reviewed and this autumn we will introduce you to the recipient.

Innovative Education

€7.500 for the project ‘video clips as cases’ 

This project of Yvonne de Vries is in line with the new concept of education, Research Based Learning, which is considered very appealing by the TiSEM Alumni Committee. Important principles of this concept are the interrelation of education and research, innovation of education, activating of students and translating theories to practice.

Currently, written cases are being used in different study programs: a practical situation is described and dilemmas and assignments are presented to students. The goal is for students to connect theories to a practical situation and to stimulate discussions. In this project, written cases are complemented with visual materials (video clips) from practical situations at companies where TiSEM alumni are working. This way, students are not only offered different presentations of study material, but they are also given insight into fields of employment of graduates. All video clips will be stored on a database where students can get inspiration and examples at different moments during their studies, preparing them for their career after graduation.

Innovative Research

€7.500 for research on collaborations and innovation

In the project Collaborative Innovation and the Value of Coherence between Formal and Informal Networks Associate Professor Adam Tatarynowycz studies what the value of formal and informal relationships is that arise because of firms collaborating in order to improve innovation  processes.

Because of the recent economic crisis, managers and policy makers tend to form partnerships in order to spread the costs as well as the risks of required innovations. Many of these partnerships are located in local company clusters and consequently, next to formal relationships, also personal relationships between employees of different companies can arise. Based on data on collaboration between companies connected to the High Tech Campus (HTC) Eindhoven, a new theory about the coherency between formal and informal networks will be formulated and tested.

The research will be conducted in three parts; first, the influence of formal and informal networks on each other and on the innovation process will be studied. Next, it will be researched how this influences the personal career perspectives. Finally, the way companies can create coherency in their networks by choosing their partners and hiring new employees will be analyzed.

Adam’s research appeals to the TiSEM Alumni Committee because it is an innovative theory that can yield results of interest to the professional environment of alumni.

€5.000 for research on financial knowledge and decision making

In the project Financial Literacy, Cognitive Limitations and Financial Decision Making adjunct associate professor Peter de Goeij studies whether well designed visual information that takes cognitive restrictions of consumers into account, helps with making better investment decisions. 

Consumers are making small financial decisions on a daily base, often these decisions are seen as part of everyday life. However, there are also other, big financial decisions that have to be made. These decisions require more time, since they are more complex. Consider for example the decision to get a mortgage. These decisions can prove to be very difficult. That is why it is not unexpected that, due to the complexity of the financial product, partly due to the often confusing available information, many bad decisions are made. Even in cases where advice of financial experts has been requested.

The fact that financial illiteracy causes many consumers to misinterpret the available information is a problem. Peter’s research will focus on providing better insight on how presentation of information on financial products can influence decision making by consumers. The empirical results will help to determine to what extent consumers can prevent making bad financial decisions.

The TiSEM Alumni Committee is also very excited about the execution of Peter’s research, which involves both bachelor and master students and implements the concept of Research Based Learning.

Extra-curricular Activities

€10.000 for the Outreaching Honors Program

The Outreaching Honors Program teaches excellent students to apply academic knowledge to the problems of the contemporary society. Consequently, this on top program of two years, is the study program for students with the ambition of becoming a future leader; in society, in business, national or international. By supporting this program, alumni contribute to realizing the motto of Tilburg University, Understanding Society. Thanks to your support, this excellent program, which the government does not subsidize, can be continued!

With your support:

  • A talented foreign student from a less developed country is able to enroll in a master program at our university.
  • Innovative education and research will be developed and supported.
  • Students are able to excel in an extra-curricular environment